Trump or No Trump, There Is a Reason You Can’t Miss Fox’s Debate Tonight


Update: I have to admit it was not a spectacle and it was substantive. There was a lot of anti-Trumping but the instant polls coming out all have Trump winning even though he wasn’t there. He’s phenomenon, that’s for sure.

Fox’s debate tonight could be an entertainment spectacle not to be missed after which Trump could well look like the smartest man in the room having spent the debate time promoting and funding our veterans. Veterans are among the more respected groups in this nation.

While Trump is doing that – fundraising for our veterans – Republicans will get to watch a liberalized version of a GOP debate which was approved by the RNC who had promised to protect their candidates.

Three YouTube “creators”, that’s what You Tube calls them – “creators”, will ask the candidates questions and at least two of them look like they are there to set up certain candidates and it’s not the establishment candidates.  I could be all wrong about this but it’s something to consider.

you tube creators

They are DIYer Nabela Noor, Soldier Knows Best host Mark Watson, and makeup expert Dulce Candy.

Nabela Noor, YouTube star turned Muslim activist, is very worried about Islamophobia which she thinks is a serious problem that is on the rise though FBI statistics do not bear that out. She is very aware of all the white terrorists in the country who are a problem and she compared Trump to Hitler after saying he was a bigot.

She will tell you how to save money at the drugstore while she is in her pajamas. If you want to know about her hair nightmares, there’s a video for that. She checks out things like plumpy mascara.

She seems like a nice young woman and deserves credit for being creative, but come on, this is a presidential race.

Dulce Candy “immigrated” here as an illegal economic immigrant. She says on her YouTube channel that she was in uniform in Iraq. If that isn’t promoting illegal immigration, what is?

Ms. Candy has videos on how to put on eye makeup and foundation, et cetera. She seems nice enough and charming enough but is this appropriate and presidential?

Another YouTube personality, Mark Watson, is a young black man who talks about “Tech, Apple, Software, Hardware, PC or Mac, and anything else with a chip in it” according to his Facebook page. He knows his stuff and he was a soldier.

Fox is mimicking the Democrat debate and the question is why. The Democrat debates had a paltry number of viewers. Why would the GOP try to imitate the Democrats? Are they trying to be the Democrats? This could be an advertisement for massive illegal and Muslim immigration.

This is a Fox-Google debate so Mr. Watson does kind of fit in. The only way the other two fit in is if Fox and Google want to kill the GOP stand on immigration.

Do the GOP elite even have a stand any more?

When the Democrats picked out the YouTube stars to ask questions, it looked staged and they looked like props to me but I might be the only person in the country who sees it that way.

Google wants to promote creation, technology, innovation, open borders, cheap labor, but what’s the GOP’s point? Maybe they want their base to change their mind about massive immigration.

Do we really want our presidents being interviewed between two ferns, by women in green lipstick, and by radicals? People who want borders and the proper vetting of refugees from Muslim majority nations without records aren’t the radicals.

It’s not that these three people of You Tube fame are to be feared, it’s what the left-wing media will probably do with it tomorrow that’s the problem.

Of course you can miss the Fox debate tonight. There will be endless sound bites tomorrow.

I’m not at all promoting Trump but I’m constantly being put in the position of defending him. Am I wrong?


  1. He made the right choice. The media has control of EVERYTHING in these debates and Fox has been steadily sliding progressive for the last couple years. I guarantee this was an attempt to make Trump look like he should be charged with war crimes when it was over.
    Mean while, Meghan Kelly and Michael Moore are blowing kisses at each other now.

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