Trump plans to STOP judicial tyrants who make decisions for the nation


The Hill reports that Vice President Pence on Wednesday announced that the administration will challenge the ability of federal district court judges to issue nationwide injunctions that halt policies advocated by President Trump.

The administration’s move is aimed at judicial tyrants and other activist judges who make decisions that are effectively laws for the entire nation.

Democrats will tell you he is pushing back on decisions he doesn’t like and he’s a dictator.

National injunctions are out of control. There is a happy medium.

Pence argued to supporters at an event hosted by the conservative Federalist Society that the Trump administration has been “unfairly” targeted by injunctions issued by lower courts, saying the rulings have prevented officials from implementing policies and regulations.

Many if not most of the rulings the administration is concerned about are aimed at stopping Trump and his agenda. These ACLU-type judges are members of the RESISTANCE. We all know it.

Trump is a fast learner and his now showing some very strong leadership, but two years was still a long time. Is it too late to save us?

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