Trump Responds to NBC Getting Highly Classified Info About Russian Hacks


U.S. intelligence officials have identified the intermediaries Russia used to deliver stolen emails to WikiLeaks, CNN reports. The go-betweens used by the Russians were identified in a classified report presented to President Obama on Thursday, U.S. officials familiar with the report told CNN as reported by the hill.

NBC News got the same information from top intelligence sources. Sources repeated reports that U.S. intelligence agencies captured communications from top Russian officials celebrating Trump’s White House win last November.

NBC is reported to have gotten an inside look at the top secret report.

Trump hasn’t been briefed yet and wants to know why NBC News has the information before he has seen it since it’s highly classified.

This administration is so careless with confidential material that they’re begging to be hacked.

Trump had some other questions. They aren’t unreasonable.

The FBI took the word of CrowdStrike that the Russians did it. CrowdStrike is the private company that has been protecting the DNC – obviously not well. The FBI did not examine the computers.

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