Trump Was Right Again, Stockholm “Looks Like a War Zone” This Evening


President Trump was right again. Instead of saying “what happened last night”, he should have said, “what will happen any day now” during his rally on Saturday night. Stockholm is experiencing riots tonight in a migrant area. Police are being attacked and cars burned. Fortunately, it started to rain which slowed the assault.

Isn’t cultural enrichment grand?

The Swedish paper Dagbladet announced Monday: Riots in Stockholm and police have fired warning shots: – It looks like a war zone here.

The riots began when the police tried to arrest someone.

The report according to an online translation:

In Rinkeby, Stockholm, a dozen cars are set on fire in the suburbs and people have broken into several shops reportedly at the site. Buses in the area are stopped and the police have not succeeded in gaining control of the situation yet.

The riots started when police would make an arrest around 20.30 o’clock tonight.


This was in connection to a crackdown by Metro – they detained a person…” says Eva Nilsson at the police operations center in Stockholm to Aftonbladet.


Youth Threw stones at police. One officer was hurt. The police were so threatened, they fired warning shots.

Rinkeby is a problem area. What the media report doesn’t include is the fact that it’s a migrant area.

Tucker Carlson spoke with Ami Horowitz this evening about attacks on his report which Donald Trump referenced Saturday night.

The former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt wants to know what Trump has been smoking. The Sentinel wants to know what Bildt has been smoking.

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