Trump Sees Strength in Chinese Putting Down Tiananmen Square “Riots”


tapper and trump

Donald Trump was asked about his comments praising the strength of China and Putin. He called the massacre at Tiananmen Square. He called it a riot but that’s not what it was. These were pro-democracy, peaceful student protesters who were moved down by tanks and survivors were imprisoned for years.

The hardline Chinese leaders who suppressed the demonstrations called them riots.

Trump made it clear he did not support China’s or Russia’s methods. Strength he said is not ‘good.”


Jake Tapper: You have said positive things about Putin as a leader and about China’s massacre of pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square. You said when the students poured into Tiananmen Square, they almost blew it, they were vicious and then they put it down with strength.

Donald Trump: That doesn’t mean I was endorsing it. I said it was a strong, powerful government that put it down with strength. It doesn’t mean at all I was endorsing. As far as Putin is concerned, I think Putin has been a strong leader for Russia. He’s been a lot stronger than our leader and that doesn’t mean I’m endorsing Putin.

Many have looked at what the Chinese have done and what Putin is doing is atrocities.

I used to think Merkel was a good leader and what she’s doing is an atrocity. I can name many strong leaders, I could name many weak leaders. I don’t say that as a good way or bad way. I say it as a fact.


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