Trump sends Left Into a frenzy! Says ‘We can’t take you anymore’ on the border!


President Trump just said something that is driving the left into a frenzy and it will get a lot worse. At the border in Calexico, California, he said that while he isn’t going to close the border, he is going to start turning people away.

Last week, he said he was going to close the border, but he backed off, saying Mexico has made some moves to stop illegals from entering their southern borders. Instead, he said we will begin turning illegal aliens away since “our country is full,” adding, “we can’t take you anymore.”

That is his new statement.

We don’t know how serious the President is about this, but he says agents are going to reject asylum requests, anything, everything. That is what we used to do before Democrats decided illegal aliens will all vote for them. And both parties are beholden to corporations who want cheap labor.

Almost every illegal alien is requesting asylum — they’ve been coached. It’s a scam, but it’s illegal to turn asylum seekers away. The President has no options. Our politicians have seen to that.

In a 2018 Harvard/Harris poll, seventy percent of voters support tougher immigration laws; sixty-four percent—including fifty-three percent of Latinos—favor illegal border crossers back to their home countries. Our politicians are going against the will of the people.

The left on Twitter is already forming into an anti-Trump mob, saying he’s ordering agents to break Federal law. It will get nasty if he tries to do it.


We don’t have a lot of faith in Mexico. President Obrador, a communist, believes it’s a human right for everyone to come into the United States illegally.

Ambassador Martha Barcena, who was appointed as the top diplomat to the United States by Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said her country would continue to cooperate with the Trump administration to address “the root causes” of migration.

“Migration will never be stopped,” she said. “It is intrinsic to humanity. But what we can do is to do it in a regular way, in an orderly way that protects human rights.”

She also said closing the border will damage a level of trust between the nations and won’t help anything.

The President said he is giving Mexico a year to shape up or he will close the border.

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