Trump Slams Pelosi the “Mess,” calls up witnesses to the “rage” meeting


Nancy Pelosi, the “mess”

During a presser today, President Trump responded to Nancy Pelosi’s claims that the President was in a rage at the infrastructure meeting following her announcement that he was engaged in a cover-up and she was praying for him.

He called her a “mess” and had witnesses come to the mic to explain that he was not in a rage, quite the opposite.

“Every time I go into a room, if there aren’t cameras, they come out and say, ‘oh, he was yelling. He was screaming,’” said the president. He then asked Kellyanne Conway to explain his “demeanor” to the press as she was in the actual meeting.

Conway said the president was “very calm” and there was no temper-tantrum as critics would like people to believe.

“Mr. President, why would you have to raise your voice?” Conway rhetorically asked at one point.

Director of the United States National Economic Council Larry Kudlow also spoke and reiterated that the president was “very calm” during his meeting with Democrats.

“You made your case,” he said, adding that Democrats like Pelosi said nothing during the meeting.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also stepped forward to contradict Pelosi and other Democrats.

Sanders said Trump was “very calm” and earned a laugh from the room when she added that she’s “seen both” sides from the president.

Mercedes Schlapp also joined in and said the President was very calm and direct.


Kellyanne Conway spoke with Fox News hosts this morning and explained what happened.

Conway said she treated Pelosi respectfully during the meeting.

“I started out saying, respectfully, ‘Madame Speaker, would you like to address the specific points the president had to say?’” Conway said.

“And she did what she does all the time, which is she said, ‘I talk to the president, not his staff.’ Because after all, she thinks we’re all staff.”

According to Conway, Trump left the meeting “very calmly.” By contrast, Pelosi “stormed out” and did not address the president’s “very specific” reasons for leaving the meeting.

“She didn’t address any of that,” Conway said. “She did what she often does, which was get off topic, way off message, and she started talking about Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt — we may be here a while — and what they had done on infrastructure. So, everybody let her finish.”

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