President Trump to Snub the Global Warming Prince


US President Donald Trump will avoid Prince Charles, the extreme green prince, on a state visit to the UK because he “wants to escape a lecture on climate change.”

Escaping the infamously boring Prince could be another reason.

There is allegedly a row over it. The Prince and the President couldn’t be any further apart on the issue of climate change, some see as neo-communism.

President Trump wants to skip the traditional Clarence House visit with the Prince because of concerns of staged protests.

Prince Charles published a new book last week warning of the threat of climate change from the most extreme point of view imaginable. He participated in a Ladybird book. In a series of interviews, he said immediate steps were necessary to convince climate change deniers and combat what he sees as the biggest threat to the future of the planet. Like Obama and Kerry, he sees nothing more serious.

Instead of seeing Prince Charles, Trump wants tea or dinner plus a photocall with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace

Neither the Daily Mail that published this report nor the Royals are friends of Donald Trump’s. Insiders are saying Charles doesn’t care because he finds Trump’s statements on climate change appalling. They also claim Trump has a “wish list of egotistical treats and photocalls.”

One has to wonder why we treat their representatives with grace but it doesn’t have to work in reverse with nasty leaks preceding the entire affair.

Trump reportedly requested to play the nine-hole golf course as a guest of the Queen at her Balmoral estate during his visit, but it is believed Her Majesty is unwilling to bring forward her routine of going to Scotland in September.


This is all according to The Daily Mail.

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