If You’re A Trump Supporter, You Might Have The Plague


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at Trump Tower in New York

If the presidential ticket next year is Clinton-Trump, it will be the first time in history that two people are running for president who most people don’t like. Another matter of interest worth noting is the wave of insults being lodged against Trump supporters and it’s not only coming from the left.

People on the right are attacking Trump supporters, not Hillary supporters, Trump supporters.

Erick Erickson uninvited Donald Trump from last week’s Red State event over a comment he made about Megyn Kelly.

Erickson drew an absurd comparison between Trump supporters and supporters of the dead baby parts dealers at Planned Parenthood, “At this point there is not a lot of difference between Planned Parenthood supporters who think the tapes were edited and Donald Trump supporters who think he did not say what he said on live television.”

That’s one odd comparison.

George Will told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Trump supporters are “marginally connected” to politics and like Trump for his “entertainment” value.

That sounds elitist.

The right-wing National Review Online has a couple hit pieces up on their site. One is titled, “Mistaking the Illness for the Remedy: This Is the Trump Virus.”

This is how it starts out:

A plague is sweeping the land, gathering victims of all shapes and sizes and turning them into fools. Its name — for now — is Trumpism.

The Trump virus’s primary effect is twofold: First, it implants in its hosts the unshakable conviction that one of the most execrable clowns in the history of these United States is a hero who deserves to be elevated to the White House; then, having inculcated the conceit, it removes the faculties that are necessary for its removal. The results are ruinous. As might the partisans of a deliberately unfalsifiable conspiracy theory, those who have been stricken soon come to believe in earnest that there is no such thing as a fair-minded or legitimate criticism of their swashbuckling charge, and that all embarrassments, mistakes, and inadequacies are in fact signs of imminent victory.

If you like Trump, you’re infected with a plague.

There is some hope. Roger Ailes promised Donald Trump that Fox News would treat him fairly according to a tweet sent out by Trump around noon Monday.

To dismiss Trump and his followers fans the flames. There is a powerful division in the Republican party and Republicans have to accept them and treat them with respect.

Another issue here is some people don’t want another Boehner, McConnell or Bush forced down their throats.

If you go to Megyn Kelly’s Twitter or Facebook page, you will see that she is getting slammed for her now infamous debate question, with many saying they won’t watch her show again. There were more than 29,000 comments on her most recent post, I went through thousands and only found one that was sort of positive.

Rather than characterizing Trump followers in a mean-spirited way, they might want to let it play out. If Trump is as bad as they say, have respect for his followers and know they will see it on their own.

I leave you with this. I like these two gals.




  1. the republicans are running about scared that Trump who has real support would gain the oval office and make some real changes.

  2. “Good to see you, Rich.” “Good to see you, Megyn.” “No, I mean it’s REALLY good to see you, Rich. And all my best to Charles C.W. Cooke.!” “Thanks, Megyn. Really good to see, you, too.” “Thanks, Rich. Thanks a lot.”

    Jeb!: “And thank you both. Good to see you. Really, really good to see you!”

    Hillary!: “Oh, Jeb, you don’t know HOW good it is to see and hear and read Rich and Megyn and George. More, please!”

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