Trump Threatens Brown Who Won’t Let the National Guard Do Anything


The Moonbat Governor of California Jerry Brown will send 400 troops to the border but he won’t let them do much of anything. There are no duties on the border that the National Guard troops will be allowed to do. The President wasn’t happy and threatened to pull funding. Brown will NOT enforce immigration law and border control.


The President tweeted: “Governor Jerry Brown announced he will deploy ‘up to 400 National Guard Troops’ to do nothing,” Trump tweeted. “The crime rate in California is high enough, and the Federal Government will not be paying for Governor Brown’s charade. We need border security and action, not words!”

The president’s tweet contradicted Brown’s announcement on Wednesday that the Trump administration had agreed to fund the deployment of as many as 400 California guardsmen along the U.S.-Mexico border and elsewhere.

Brown said that the mission would focus on combating drug and gun crimes and human trafficking along the border, the California coast and within the state itself, as opposed to immigration enforcement.

The hard-left Democrat governor Moonbeam conditioned his commitment on his state’s troops having nothing to do with immigration enforcement, even in a supporting role.

“The Governor’s order, issued today, specifies that the California National Guard will not enforce immigration laws or participate in the construction of any new border barrier,” Brown’s office said in a statement.

The Guard shall not “engage in any direct law enforcement role nor enforce immigration laws, arrest people for immigration law violations, guard people taken into custody for alleged immigration violations, or support immigration law enforcement activities,” Moonbeam Brown said.

Basically, they can’t do anything because everything at the border ties into illegal immigration. Moonbeam thinks illegal immigration is the same thing as any immigration. He is an open borders communist who is destroyin his own state.


The President doesn’t have any say over that since the deployment is under the governor’s control. The money comes from the Department of Homeland Security.


Trump should consider sending the Marines. Brown doesn’t seem to care that many in his state are revolting over his refusal to enforce federal law. He won’t even enforce it against dangerous criminal aliens. We have all manner of losers coming across our borders. Brown does not care. he only cared about foreigners, criminal and terrorist foreigners included.


  1. Sessions has hit pretty hard on the MS13 gang bangers but other then that he’s done nothing but sit on his hands and that’s typical of most Republicans. They BS you of what they’re going tom do to get elected and then do nothing. As far as Brown, this man is a absolute menace to his state and the country, but yet these people put him in office. “You reap what you sow.’ I’m surmising that something drastic has to occur before these liberal Stalinist democrats will do anything sane.

  2. President Trump needs to have U.S. Marshals arrest all elected officials like Governor Brown for aiding and abetting foreign invaders.

    • The problem is that it is part of the corrupt DOJ, which actively acts against Trump. Sessions has yet to show any tough action on immigration or anything else of significance.

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