Trump Threatens to Ban Two Sleazy WaPo Reporters from the WH Grounds


Trump threatened to ban “two nasty lightweight reporters” from the “grounds of the White House” over their “DISGUSTING & FAKE” news. Trump is the opposite of George W. Bush who never defended himself against anything or anyone, letting many of us down and driving his poll numbers into the twenties.

The reporters are Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker. Rucker, ‘Mr. Off the Record’ is the one who exposed Trump’s secretary Madeleine Westerhout after she made a few unpleasant “off the record” comments about Trump’s daughter after drinking at a dinner.


They wrote a very nasty, unfair column claiming Trump had no victories and is incompetent. They defended the Squad and claimed his economy is faltering. They said some anonymous people think he is incompetent, indecisive, intolerant and ineffective. The anonymous aides and outside allies also allegedly said the summer was “a period of missed opportunity and self-sabotage.”

The article continues, even complaining about his comments concerning “rat-infested” Baltimore, but they said nothing about the fact that it’s true and the people live as some would in third world countries. What do they care how these residents have to live?


White House press secretaries Stephanie Grisham and Hogan Gidley shot back at The Washington Post for its errors and the article which they said was “an offensive, egregious affront to true news journalism.”

“From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Post had some pretty embarrassing moments,” the White House communications staffers wrote in an op-ed called “The Washington Post’s lost summer.”

The article blasted them and their many errors, but son Eric Trump fired back using the same transparency they use. He exposed WaPo ‘journalist,’ who, of course, hates Trump, Eric Farenthold by posting a sleazy letter Farenthold wrote to a Trump employee.

Sleazy Eric Farenthold

Eric T. released a letter Farenthold wrote to a “Mr. Mull,” a Trump Organization employee, asking for insider dirt on the Trump family business.

In his letter to “Mr. Mull,” Farenheldt offered him several ways to anonymously share dirt on the corporation.

What Mr. Farenthold didn’t count on when he sent the letter was Trump’s employees are loyal. He also didn’t count on Eric Trump exposing his letter on social media.

Last night, Eric Trump tweeted a copy of the letter that was shared with him by his employee. The usually more reserved Eric Trump, tweeted: These are the tactics used by the Washington Post. He tagged Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos in the tweet, saying, “You should be very proud…”

The Washington Post Editor defended the two sleazy reporters.

The so-called “journalists,” more than 90% of whom attack Trump 24/7, came out to defend the vile WaPo reporters, proving once again how unfair they really are.

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