Trump Tower Server Was Surveilled, Obama’s January EO Expedited the Leaking


I’ve never seen a case so misrepresented and leaks so damaging to a process that was meant to be conducted in secret.” —U.S. official

There was a warrant issued for a server at Trump Tower, actually we learned late last evening that there were two warrants, one a specific FISA warrant and the other a general FISA warrant. One warrant dealt with a server that handled Trump marketing. Nothing illicit was found.

The Trump-Putin connection has been non-existent the entire time the Democrats spread the story that Trump was a target. The FBI is not being used by the Obama administration according to this report, but the executive order expansion in January resulted in an immediate flood of leaks.

John Soloman and Sara Carter, two prominent investigative journalists currently with, found the FBI investigation into the server was brief, at least based on one of the warrants. The FBI found nothing untoward and connections to Russia were innocent. There was no basis for the Russia story.

There was no June warrant with Trump’s name on it. There was a warrant issued in October and the FBI found there was an innocuous reason for the Russia communication for which the warrant was issued.

The other warrant, only uncovered last night by these reporters, could have had Trump’s name on it or not.

The FBI was never looking at Trump as part of the Russia hacking investigation except in the most peripheral way, according to the journalists, based on their sources.

A lot of this leaking began with Obama’s January executive order expansion allowing raw intelligence data to be shared with all 17 intelligence agencies.

These leaks are felonies.

Barack Obama expanded the already problematic Executive Order 12333, Part 2.3C in January. Intelligence agents on the front lines were surprised by the expansion and immediately saw the impact. Documents that were not supposed to be leaked were leaked. Was this expansion a ruse to expand the agencies so no one can find the leaker? We don’t know.

The journalists said Barack Obama at least knew about these investigations in December as part of his briefing.

How did the FBI find out about this server? Were people already hacking and leaking?

A week before the election, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid shared all this information in a tweet. Slate came out with the story the same day as their tweets and said a university computer team found the connection.

The reporters on the story are renowned journalists. Soloman worked for the AP for 20 years and was an editor at the Washington Post for years. Carter is also well-traveled and very experienced.

Read the articles at

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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

It’s called Fake News, folks. What a pathetic showing from the Lamestream Media and the low information crowd that laps up this stuff.

Their leakers are partisan as heck, too.

Trouble is that must keep it all secret.


Because it is criminal to leak it. But, that’s what government does best, i. e. criminalize activities they don’t want happening. It’s called politics.

Yeah, the slippery slope is real and you lose a little bit of your liberty every day because of it.