Trump Tromps All Over Jeb Bush in Arizona


Trump has a message for Jeb Bush – You’re fired! If Trump has anything to say about it, Bush’s candidacy will end before it gets started.

Donald Trump brought out a crowd of 15,000 in Phoenix, Arizona Saturday. The audience was diverse and seemed fairly representative of the country in at least that respect. Business Insider described it as “one of the most bizarrely captivating speeches of his several-weeks-old campaign.” The title of their article referred to it as “surreal”. Others might say it was rejuvenating.

Trump started off with an attack on incompetent politicians and that message was greeted with cheers, especially when he mentioned John McCain.

“We have a situation that is absolutely out of control. We have incompetent politicians, not only the ‘president.’” He adds, “I mean right here in your own state you have John McCain,” who was roundly booed at the mention of his name. Trump added, “I just hate to see when people don’t have common sense, don’t have an understanding of what’s going on or perhaps don’t want to know. Maybe it’s campaign contributions, maybe it’s special interests, maybe it’s lobbyists, but for some reason some people don’t get it. And I don’t think they’ll be in office much longer, I really don’t.”

Democratic strategist, Susan Estrich, was on Fox News Saturday and said that Trump is a “disaster for Republicans”. He made “racist” statements, he’s “sloppy”, and he’s “making Republicans look bad”. That may be the case but he’s not doing anything that Republicans haven’t done to themselves.

Trump is the Bernie Sanders of the Republican party with his populist message and he is bringing out those Republicans who are looking for a champion who will speak to their concerns and not act as if it is business as usual. He is reaching out to Conservatives and to Libertarians, the most enthusiastic wing of the Republican party.

One thing is certain, he is a disaster for Jeb Bush who is not appealing to the Conservatives in the party. Bush is a rocky candidate to begin with and now Trump is weakening his platform further.

Jeb Bush is the anointed establishment candidate and the same thing could happen to him that happened to the last two anointed candidates for president – the conservatives will stay home and the Hispanics still won’t vote for him.

The Republican party and their donors are pushing the Jeb Bush candidacy but their efforts to make him appealing to the entire party could easily be dashed. They can’t afford Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t understand why he’s tied with Bush in the polls, he told the audience with more than a little irony. Pulling no punches, he said he’s “awful”.

Trump describes Bush as “weak on immigration”. “While Jeb Bush was Governor, there were five sanctuary cities in Florida. I didn’t know that”, Trump said. He’s “totally in favor of Common Core” which means, “bureaucrats in Washington will educate your children” and they just “want to pick up a check”…and “he’s in favor”, he added. He also brought up the problem of the Bush name and the wars in the Middle East.

His comments about Hillary were also brutal but most of his acrimonious invective was reserved for Bush.

The topic of illegal immigration didn’t even come up before Trump and the serious problem of sanctuary cities have been ignored.

The majority of Americans want borders and they want criminal illegal aliens deported. Trump hit a chord that resonates with many Americans while most candidates sidestep by talking about amnesty, encouraging passage of an immigration bill while current law is being ignored, or they just ignore the issue.

Trump said he loves the Mexican people and their spirit, many, many came here legally and many work for him. He respects Mexico but the problem we have is their leaders are smarter and more cunning than our leaders and they’re killing us at the border and in trade.

The open borders rallies, he believes, are ginned up by the Mexican government. “You know how long they last? About 15 minutes and then they go home.”

He had unkind words for the press, “Many of them are dishonest,” he said to loud cheers and applause. He gave a personal example of their corruption. In his speeches, Trump has made the statement that “The American Dream is dead but I’m going to bring it back.” The media only plays the first half of his statement – “The American Dream is dead.”

Trump’s basic message is that the “silent majority is back” and we’re going to take our country back.

He described the current influx of Mexican criminals into the U.S. by the Mexican government as an updated and more sophisticated version of Castro’s Mariel Boatlift. And he’s got an idea on how to properly address it.

Trump had a wonderful man, Jamil Shaw, speak. His child, also Jamil Shaw, was a “good kid” who was murdered by an illegal alien. This fine young man was killed outside his house as he walked home from a track meet. His father found him. He asked people to “soul search” and think about their loved one lying “dead in the street.”

Trump is an avid supporter of the military, a group Obama appears to begrudgingly support. “We have to bring back our military…take care of our veterans…because our veterans are treated like third class citizens.” Trump added that it took five days for Bush to answer whether or not the war in Iraq was a bad thing. “It took him five days to answer…We can’t have a guy like that negotiating for us.”

According to Public Policy Polling, Trump has a slight lead over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) in North Carolina, with 16% of Republican primary voters supporting him.

The more analysts and pundits write Trump off, the more they are proven wrong. The more they push Bush, the more Trump will attack him.

He is candid, doesn’t apologize, speaks to issues other candidates are afraid to broach or just lie about, and, like many of the common folk, he doesn’t want Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate.

Some Republicans are tired of status quo politicians like Jeb Bush and Trump certainly isn’t establishment. Whether he’s presidential is for others to decide.



  1. I’m a trump supporter I agree Jeb is junk for America. no more career politicians. this is the worst my life has been in 59 years.people who voted for Obama don’t realize we have lost ten years.2 with bush and 8 with Obama. stump for trump

  2. America is desperate to have someone tough who can help us take our country back to when we were respected by all other countries! We are going to hell in a handbasket with these liberals! Let’s get it back TRUMP!

  3. Donald Trump is who real Americans have been waiting for! I was so sure when we overwhelmingly gave the House and Senate back to the Republicans last November some big things would happen and Osama would be a lame duck, but as we all know that didn’t happen! All our current Republican leaders and candidates are spineless pussies that give in to Osama on everything! They all suck!!! VOTE TRUMP take America back!

    • A beautiful event. Did you notice that there were all different races of people there. Hopefully he can bring us all together and get rid of all this separation state we are in.

  4. Only Trump can reverse this country to the great country it was. He’s beholden to no one, gets the job done even if you don’t like his way of doing it.

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