Trump Tweets, Left Mocks, As New Caravan Leaves Honduras

Update: The new caravan is up to over 2,000!

Hundreds of illegal aliens in a new caravan have left Honduras for the United States. The President tweeted about it, and the left-wing bots and Clinton-Obama-Soros tweeters are out in full force mocking him.

The group had a mix of people that included some mothers carrying their young children on their shoulders. It’s unclear where the group will rest, but past migrants have used the Honduran city of Quimistan, which is 35 miles from the bus stop, as an early checkpoint.

As they walked, some migrants pleaded with local store owners to give them food or water for their journey, according to the Associated Press.


The Red Jesuit below, according to one of his tweets, teaches global context, migration theology and social coexistence. He is serious when he says he’s a RED as in Communist!


The leftists behind the caravans are encouraging and organizing people coming through Panama and Nicaragua. Nicaragua gives them migration passes.

In other words, the illegals are coming from all around the world. Once they get to Panama, they are on the path to the USA.

The deployment of troops at the Mexican border, which was initially seen as a short-term response to the immigrant caravan, is now due to last until September 30th, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The caravans are dangerous for the people traveling with the coyotes and they are dangerous to agents when they get violent at the border. The caravans are somewhat of a distraction from the real problem which is 60,000 per month crossing illegally into the United States without caravans.

Democrats will say there is little cause for concern since the numbers of illegal alines in the United States remains at about twelve million. No one should believe that. A study out of MIT says twenty-two million. It’s likely much higher. We don’t know partly because they steal and forge IDs, but are never prosecuted for it.

And no one is counting. We might get some idea from the census question on citizenship if it’s allowed to be asked.

The left desperately doesn’t want us to know how many.



The left is busy mocking the President.

This one is from Hillary’s former National Press Secretary:

This one is a bot with 21 followers:

This one is from the NBC NewsTHINK columnist:



  1. As said REPEATEDLY……MEXICO IS THE PROBLEM….these caravans would NOT BE POSSIBLE if Mexico actually wanted to help the U.S…….Mexico is nothing more than a “money pit” being filled by the American taxpayer because Dimocrats are STUPID.

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