Trump Was Right Again


Of course most Mexicans are wonderful people and anyone who listened to Donald Trump knows he didn’t mean all Mexicans were a problem. That was the spin by the left-wing. What he is saying and said then is they must come legally so we can vet them and it’s not just Mexicans. The point is we don’t know who is coming into the country, the borders are open, transnational criminals, and people from terror nations are exploiting the situation.

This is a fight for America, our culture, our politics, our future.

Hillary is going to give every person here illegally full amnesty in her first 100 days in office – just something to keep in mind. Proper screening will be impossible.

Donald Trump angered a lot of people when he said last year that we aren’t getting Mexico’s best in relation to illegal immigrants entering the country. He has been called a racist ever since but did he have a point though perhaps inartfully expressed?

Mexican nationals are bringing illegals from terror nations in the Middle East across our southern border.

Then there are the Mexican drug cartels – transnational gangs – who are comprised of rapists and murderers, according to Business Insider.

Virtually the entire US illicit-drug market is controlled by seven Mexican cartels, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary, BI reported.

The DEA report notes that there are no organizations at this time with the infrastructure and power to challenge these cartels and their hold over the US market.

Trafficking heroin, meth, cocaine, and marijuana, these organizations will continue to dominate throughout the US, according to the DEA.

“Narcotics are the biggest black market earner of all,” wrote Ioan Grillo, author of “Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America.”

Then there are the illegal immigrants who start riots in places like San Jose.


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