Trump Was Wrong, It Was Obama’s Adviser Celebrating 9/11 in the Streets



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Donald Trump has claimed more than once that he “watched the World Trade Center go down” and watched in New Jersey, “as thousands of people were cheering as the building was coming down.” He said it in Alabama and doubled down on ABC’s This Week with Clinton shill George Stephanopoulos. The media is down on him for it.

Trump might have been confused and didn’t remember that it was Obama’s future adviser, VanJones, celebrating 9/11 with rallies the day after the attack.

On September 12, 2001, Van Jones organized a rally to celebrate the terrorists’ successful 9/11 attack on the United States. He mostly organized hate-police rallies up until then. Now he organizes green rallies, there’s far more money in green.

Never forget what CNN’s star and Obama’s former adviser was doing on September 12, 2001.

When VanJones was appointed Green Czar in 2009, Valerie Jarrett gushed to the Netroots Nation conference: “We were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House. We were watching him…for as long as he’s been active out in Oakland. And all the creative ideas he has. And so now, we have captured that, and we have all that energy in the White House.” The NAACP honored him as an “American Treasure.”

If you are a communist as he has described himself, then you might find him to be a treasure.

Van Jones appears at 04:39 in this video:


I personally had seen a video of the sort Trump mentioned but it quickly disappeared from google. Trump demanded an apology and posted this tweet.

Got News has some interesting information:

The New York Times quotation is far more damning.

Within hours of the terror attacks, F.B.I. agents hurriedly intercepted telephone calls in which suspected associates of Al Qaeda in the United States were overheard celebrating the attacks. In the following days, agents swept in and arrested them. (New York Times, October 28, 2001, Section 1B; Column 1; Metropolitan Desk; Pg. 2).

The Washington Post–the very same paper denying that anyone was celebrating the attacks–reported on September 16, 2011 that Palestinian authorities and the media were working together to stop people from seeing Palestinians celebrating the terrorist attacks. Here’s the relevant quote:

Palestinian officials have told local representatives of foreign news agencies and television stations on several occasions that their employees’ safety could be jeopardized if videotapes showing Palestinians celebrating the attacks were aired.

CNN posted the story on this link about Muslims celebrating 9/11 after Ft. Hood. You can see the report on the clip.



  1. I saw the same video Trump did. It was in Paterson. Was upset that people so nearby could be happy about it. Maybe it was on a local channel, a couple were bad about putting out videos back then. It’s true that it was hundreds instead of thousands, but perhaps either Trump exaggerated or he also saw larger middle eastern celebrations and got them confused. But he is not wrong and he is not lying.

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