Trump Will Give Amnesty to 1.8 MILLION DACA Who Suddenly Turned Up


CNN reports that President Trump will give a path to citizenship to 1.8 million DACA. Remember how two days ago, we were told there were 600,000 DACA? Oops, it’s 1.8 million.

Actually, it’s well over 3 million according to the left-wing Migration Policy Institute.

Trump’s not giving it away, he’s making a deal and trying for the best deal he can get.

President Trump is proposing giving 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion for his long-promised wall and the end of the lottery and chain migration as well as other border security.

He’s coming up with more than Bush or Obama would have ever considered but unfortunately the damage might be irreversible

According to a group called the Migration Policy Institute, there may actually be as many as 3.6-million illegals who were brought to the United States when they were minors.  Some Democrats are demanding legal status not only for the DACA beneficiaries, but for all 3.6-million immigrants who came to the USA with their parents.

Each of them could bring in many via chain migration. One terrorist immigrant recently brought in 23. That must go.

Then there are the alleged 11 million others who are at least 23 million.

Our future rests with foreigners, some of whom are not wonderful as Democrats would have you believe.

Daily Caller secured a memo two weeks ago by Soros’s Center for American Progress which emphasized the importance of passing DACA legislation.  As the memo phrased it, it’s a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

DREAMer legislation will turn 4, possibly 5 red states Democrat Progressive without any other amnesty.

This is how DACA destroys any chance of Republicans winning another presidential election:

According to USCIS —  with the 800,000 original number —  there are significant populations in blue states:
379,000 Dreamers in California (a deep blue state)
30,000 in Washington
72,000 in Illinois
71,000 in New York
38,000 in New Jersey
30,000 in Colorado

And according to USCIS there are also significant numbers of Dreamer illegals in several red states:
211,000 in Texas
47,000 in Arizona
72,000 in Florida
41,000 in Georgia
47,000 in North Carolina

In 2016 President Trump won these red states by the following amounts:
Texas – 807,179
Arizona – 91,234
Florida – 112,911
Georgia – 211,141
North Carolina – 173,315

The Democrats will have fulfilled the Soros dream of a Progressive electoral majority. That is the goal of the Democrats led by George Soros. Their plan is to also advance a permanent Progressive majority in every level of government – to take over all levels of government.

Let’s pray some of the DACA are Republicans.

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