Trump Will Have Big Obama News on Wednesday – Update


Update: 10:24:  Donald Trump’s very, very big news is that he is offering President Obama a $5 million donation to a charity of his choice if he releases his passport and college records.

The left think they have it made with Media Whore, Gloria Allred, who has a plan to demonize Romney, but the right has Donald Trump.

Update: 10:23: The Daily Mail is reporting that the bombshell to be released is Barack and Michelle’s divorce papers. The left has Gloria Allred and we have Donald Trump.

I don’t know why that would be news of any kind.

Donald Trump is planning to tweet very, very big news about Barack Obama sometime on Wednesday most likely. He confirmed that it could possibly affect the election.

I sure hope it’s not another Reverend Wright alert.

The one thing that I can say is that it will be a short bombshell of no more than 140 characters if it’s going to be announced on Twitter.

What announcement could be worse than: Obama is destroying the economy and has no remedy to change it, his foreign policy includes meeting with terrorists, and he lies on a daily basis?


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