Trump Wins Drudge, Fox Debate Sound Bites, Trump Bashing




C-Span took calls after the Trump event and the response to it was overwhelmingly positive, many were Democrats. They think he’s a wonderful man according to many of the comments.


Trump defended calling Megyn Kelly a bimbo while on the plane ride to his event.

The Trump event star was veteran John Wayne Walding who lost his leg in Iraq and was nothing less than inspiring. It ended in anti-climatic fashion.

The Fox News debate was substantive but unnecessarily harsh. There was Trump bashing egged on by the moderators. Moderators went from treating Cruz harshly to ignoring him.

I’ve included a few debate clips. The talking heads on Fox who commented afterwards said they felt the debate went much better without you-know-who. There was less sniping and more substance.

Megyn Kelly hit Rubio with clips of him opposing a path to citizenship as a senate candidate.

Rand defended the unborn.

Christie said, When I take Hillary on, she will never get within ten miles of the White House. The days of the Clintons living in public housing are over.

It was great when Kasich was speaking so we could all take a break.

Megyn Kelly hit Cruz with clips of him pushing the path to citizenship amendment.

At this point, it’s about 10:40 and Rubio is getting all the questions. Cruz is being ignored.

Paul said Hillary takes money from regimes that discriminate against women.

The You Tube star, Ms. Noor asked her question about the supposed climate of hate. Jeb was first and brought up Trump wanting to ban all Muslims. He called Ms. Noor an entrepreneur and said we shouldn’t be issuing these blanket statements.

He said the threat is Islamic terrorism, not Nabila Noor. We can’t talk about banning Muslims as Trump did which is why I have been critical of Trump, decrying people, he said.

It was a giveaway to Jeb obviously but it will have the opposite effect for those fed up with the establishment.

Trump was mentioned more than if he were at the debate.

Wallace introduced the Governor of Iowa and then hit Cruz with a question about ethanol. Cruz didn’t shrink away from it. He doesn’t want any subsidies. He has introduced legislation to phase out ethanol over five years and will tear down the EPA’s blend wall which will allow ethanol to expand in the free market. DC won’t pick winners and losers.

Cruz basically said I’ll see your Branstad and raise you one Steve King. Knocked Chris Wallace’s question out of the park. You could tell Mr. Wallace was not happy. Cruz made Branstad his b*tch.

Ben Carson isn’t going to be president.

I so appreciate these breaks with Gov. Kasich.

Closing statements:

Paul said I’m an eye surgeon who got to be in Senate, and I’m the one true fiscal conservative and that’s the only way we will balance our budget. His supporters cheered.

Christie talked about  9/11, my wife was 2 blocks away, terrorism scares everyone, we need him.

Rubio said something about the bible commands us to let our light shine upon the world and the 21st century will be new American century.

Kasich was another nice break.

Dr. Carson thanked people for welcoming him. He quoted the preamble of the Constitution. As I said, I’m reasonably sure he won’t be president.

Cruz said, we’ve been burned over and over again. Who do you know who will protect what we care about?

In the comments after the Fox debate, Fox said they’d address the elephant in the room and then had Ted Cruz on to discuss it. Fox wanted to provide as many opportunities as possible to rip into him.

Charles Krauthammer said the debate was more substantive because you-know-who wasn’t there and Bush had the best debate yet. He thought Christie did well also. He found Cruz and Rubio interesting but said Cruz had a rocky start and so did Rubio with his flipping on amnesty. Shocker!!! Krauthammer likes the establishment candidates best. He said Cruz “wiggled out” of his contradictory stance on immigration – a nice left-handed compliment. He has affection for Rand. In the absence of Trump, Cruz didn’t interrupt as badly, Krauthammer said.

Most on Twitter agree that Megyn’s new haircut lost the debate.

Here is the Trump event for those of you who missed it.


Trump wasn’t even at the Fox debate and won it according to online instant polls.

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  1. Wholly agreed!
    All the one-dimensional, whiny criticisms
    of Trump sorta remind me how “they all”
    (yes, back then, it was Dems and Repubs, too)
    laughed at Reagan.

    I thought the media utterly TRASHED
    Cruz, last night in the debate…
    …EVER SO INDIRECTLY: it was Rubio
    who got most of the praise, meaning…
    …that degree of support will come from CRUZ’s numbers
    in Iowa…NOT from the guy who
    was smart enough to recognize and avoid the massacre.

    ergo: TRUMP WINS IOWA.

    As I see it, without Trump having thrown his hat in the ring,
    Ted would have been NO MATCH to the schemings
    of the GOP Establishment and their media handmaidens.
    (not even raising Cruz’s NRSC involvement in the Mississippi Cochran mess)

    Cruz’s thinking is fully dependent upon
    playing THEIR games…guaranteed to fail.
    Each. And. Every. Time.
    And EACH of us would have been stuck “supporting” Bush or Rubio…
    …AGAIN. (i.e. no different from Romney or McCain)

    TRUMP 2016

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