Trump Wins Twitter Feud with Pelosi


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi posted a video montage on Twitter Friday with segments from witness testimonies during the House Dems impeachment hearings. She left out the part where they all admitted they saw nothing illegal by the President.

The statement she ended with was, “The facts aren’t contested. Only whether Republicans will do their duty and stand up. Defend our Democracy for the people!”
[Bald-faced lie, they are contested]

Pelosi also tweeted, “The facts are clear and every witness told the same story, despite the President’s attempts to cover it up. President Trump abused his power for his own personal gain. #DefendOurDemocracy.”

All the witnesses repeated hearsay mostly from one person who said the President told him he wanted “nothing” from Ukraine, “no quid pro quo.”

This is an outrageous lie. If the facts were clear, she would have sent the articles of impeachment up with ribbons and bells.


We declare Trump the winner since he has the better argument and truth on his side. Tell us what you think.

President Trump fired back Friday evening, tweeting, “So interesting to see Nancy Pelosi demanding fairness from @senatemajldr McConnell when she presided over the most unfair hearing in the history of the United States Congress!”

Fact Check: True

The president also re-tweeted a comment from another Twitter user, who wrote, “The facts are clear, Nancy. You led an impeachment without a crime based on 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand accounts of mind readers. You and House Democrats SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves. Unfortunately, you appear to have no shame. It’s a sad time for our Constitution.”

Fact Check: True

The President retweeted a video of the crowds at one of his rallies and also asked how she will do what Trump has done for the economy.

In addition, he retweeted a video exposing Joe and Hunter Biden’s potential corruption. [That is a real liability for Democrats and could be why she didn’t send the articles up, which is unconstitutional at some point].

He ended with a photo of her district and her mansion, later tweeting, “California and New York must do something about their TREMENDOUS Homeless problems. They are setting records! If their Governors can’t handle the situation, which they should be able to do very easily, they must call and “politely” ask for help. Would be so easy with competence!.”

California’s Newsom’s response is to blame Republicans and Trump who have no power in the state. He rudely tweeted and comment to media that Trump should hand over $1 billion in federal tax dollars to him so he can do more of the same useless things he has been doing.


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3 years ago

Soon, not soon enough for me, it’ll be time to utilize the many lamposts in DC for something besides illuminating the streets of the swamp.
I am looking forward to the many reveals of the Barr/Durham investigations(not inquires) into the attempted coup from the leftists.
Hear the increased clamor from the leftists as the date for reckoning draws closer? That is the leftists objecting to being exposed for the traitorous scum they are. It will only get louder and more persistent as the release of the results draws closer.
The roundup of the perps will include such illuminaries as Piglousy, Biteme, et al. And they will be screaming all the way to their assigned lamposts before it all is finished.
Okay, that’s my dream. I can still dream, can’t I? I’m sure I’m not alone in that fantasy.
Just sayin’.

3 years ago
Reply to  guidvce4

Wow, quite the dream! I will say it would be nice to have some of the folkers you name be taken off the street, retired to a nice warm enclosure where they can have 3 hots and a cot for some period of time. It would go a long way toward feeling that there is justice in the world after all. I am sick of watching Rs get blamed while the Ds get away with the crap they have been dishing out for so long while playing the victim and lying about it the whole time!

3 years ago

Communists do not care what We The People think, they don’t care about the USA, they don’t care what the truth is, and to them it’s not about who wins the elections, it’s about how many fraudulent votes and who counts them. They ONLY care how their agenda of total government control which will turn the people of our country into subjects and slaves instead of citizens. They don’t care how they do it either. To Communists they can do what ever is necessary to silence or take control of people; NOTHING is restricted in their pursuit of taking over.

In fact the people in the electorate who support Democrat Party; most have no idea what the end game is and most of them won’t like what they get if Trump loses to the globalist Communists attempting to take over our country.