Trump Won at NATO by Reigning in Globalists with His ‘America First’ Agenda


NATO has become a political organization that has pushed the globalist agenda, but this President is about America First! At the end of this, we will see a stronger NATO alliance.

President Trump has no intention of breaking up NATO. He is shoring up the weak parts and he is returning us to normalcy instead of caving to the rampant globalism we have seen.

The media will mock him for saying he’s a “stable genius” during the Q &A — something he says with an intended purpose — and they won’t tell you what the President did accomplish.

The 2 percent contribution to NATO which he is insisting upon is not only about money. It is indicative of what the nations are willing to contribute to survive. He made that point loud and clear. He also pointed to Germany’s blatant failures.


The left in the U.S. falsely accuses him of trying to break up NATO. He has never wanted to do that but he knows how seriously they have fallen from their intended purpose. He said what he had to in order to bring them back to global sanity.

President Macron said in a tweet Thursday that “never at any moment, either in public or in private” did the President threaten to “withdraw from NATO”.


Bill O’Reilly adds a dose of reality.


Countries will up their commitments and reach 2 percent as soon as possible. Trump suggests 4 percent of GDP is in the future.

Rebeccah Heinrichs a foreign policy expert from the Hudson Institute explained that Trump is always negotiating. If they don’t live up to their commitments, it won’t be good for them.

She talked about Germany warming up to Russia for years, pre-Trump, and it’s a problem. Russia poses a serious threat to the Black Sea and our NATO allies. The pipeline between Germany and Russia circumvents Ukraine, cuts out Poland, our allies, and puts them in danger. It helps Russia continue their ability to get them under Russia’s thumb.

Germany is pouring billions in cash into Russia while we are trying to sanction them. They are enriching Russia. Of course, it makes Germany very beholding to Russia when they get just under 70 percent of their energy from them.

Germany went green, they got rid of coal and nuclear [which is green] and they traded it all in for dependence on Russia. At the same time, they want the U.S. to protect them from Russia.

Russia now controls Germany’s energy.


The Nord Stream 2 pipeline cuts off the Baltic nations and Poland and Russia could use it to cut them off from crucial energy supplies.

AND GET THIS! Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is a top executive at the Russia-controlled company that runs the pipeline.

The U.S. left, the America haters, are actually saying “America First” is toxic. The EU consistently insults the U.S. and the President. Enough! The President isn’t acting out of arrogance, he’s acting out of love of country and he is giving America back to the people.


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