Trump’s Attorney Sues Fusion GPS, BuzzFeed


Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney filed two lawsuits, ABC News reported, one in federal court against the private investigative firm Fusion GPS and the other in state court against the popular left-wing website BuzzFeed.

Cohen claims in the lawsuit that the infamous dossier of salacious but unconfirmed allegations of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and Russian agents compiled by Fusion GPS and later published by BuzzFeed contained “false and defamatory” allegations that resulted in “harm to his personal and professional reputation, current business interests, and the impairment of business opportunities.”

BuzzFeed’s top editor Ben Smith as well as Ken Bensinger, Miriam Elder and Mark Schoofs are named in the lawsuit. Cohen says that even though they admit the dossier is unverified, they published it without attempting to verify.

Discovery might uncover more of this secret information being kept from the President and the public.

The lawsuits are attacking Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed on the grounds that publishing defamatory information requires some responsibility.

The President has often said the libel and slander laws for the press are too lax.

Buzzfeed says it will aggressively defend its free speech rights in this case.

Cohen tweeted this evening: “Enough is enough of the . Just filed a defamation action against @BuzzFeedNews for publishing the lie filled document on @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and me!”

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