Donald Trump’s Biggest Regret Is Endorsing John McCain


McCain Opposes Trump’s Policies

John McCain and Lindsey Graham have attacked President-elect Donald Trump on every possible level and he’s not even in office.

Chuck Johnson at Got News alleges that Donald Trump’s biggest regret is endorsing John McCain for re-election in 2016.  Many of us could have told him that was a mistake.

This information is according to a highly-placed source familiar with the Trump transition team’s private conversations, Got News reported.

The anonymous source told GotNews that President-elect Trump regrets endorsing McCain more than anything else because McCain is “so opposed” to Trump and his policies.

McCain is a twice-failed presidential candidate. He’s also one of the reasons we need term limits.

He was a thorn in Bush’s side also.

Unfortunately, he’s a powerful senator with about 14 senators who do what he says in many cases.

There might be a public statement from Trump in the near future. McCain and his lapdog Graham should really give considerable thought to whether they want to fight the Republican president. Maybe they are more Democrat than Republican.

McCain Is an Obama Lapdog

There was a lot of criticism of Donald Trump for suggesting McCain wasn’t as much of a hero as people think.

McCain can be heard on this audio below telling the world how kind the Viet Cong are while he was a prisoner. He was undoubtedly under duress but for some it does diminish his title of war hero a bit.

This information was known when he was released but people understood he was being tortured, but the hero title is a little tarnished.

Rand Paul called John McCain and Lindsey Graham Obama’s lapdogs.

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Son of Rusty Shackleford
Son of Rusty Shackleford
7 years ago

We all make mistakes, even the greatest of us such as Reagan—his was keeping GHWB as his veep in ’84. If he’d ditched him the way FDR did Henry Wallace in ’44 we’d have been spared The First RINO Dynasty.

7 years ago

Way overdue for term limits!! some of these politicians are so out of touch with reality!!!