Trump’s Border Wall Might Not Be Brick & Mortar?


I am and was a Cruz supporter but the truth is that, as of now, Senator Cruz wants Donald Trump to lose this election which means he wants Hillary to win and his former adviser has to be heard with that in mind, but more interesting is what Jack Kingston said.

John Heddens “Jack” Kingston is the former U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 1st congressional district in Southeast Georgia, serving from 1993 to 2015. He was part of the House leadership (2002–06) when he served as vice-chair of the Republican Conference.

Kingston is the senior adviser to Trump’s campaign and said last night that the wall might not be “brick and mortar”. Maybe Kingston isn’t the right person to advise. He said in some areas, brick and mortar isn’t needed, which is true.

It’s something that needs to be watched. We will have to wait for his immigration speech. He has talked about a thousand mile wall.

The neverTrumpers won’t even accept Trump’s new stance on immigration to do it in an orderly way but to do it humanely with consideration for people who have been here for decades. NeverTrumpers, no matter how they deny it or how they play with the semantics, are supporters of Hillary Clinton for president though Trump makes it hard to vote for him.

Trump promises no amnesty but legalization for some.


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