Trump’s Contraception/Abortifacient Rule Is Blocked NATIONWIDE

Barack Obama is still winning although out of office for years.

On Sunday, a judge in California blocked a Trump rule allowing moral and religious objections as reasons to opt out of Obamacare’s rule. It affected only the 13 states that brought suit before his court.

In less than 24 hours, by Monday afternoon, a Pennsylvania district court made the ruling nationwide in another case of judicial tyranny.


Obama forced religious businesses to pay for these drugs with an HHS mandate — a rule incorporated into Obamacare. The drugs can be obtained cheaply or free.

President Trump expanded the rule to allow employers to obtain exemptions from the Obamacare requirement on moral or religious grounds in all non-governmental workplaces. It gave employers the choice of a workaround.

U.S. District Judge Wendy Beetlestone in Philadelphia issued a nationwide injunction preventing the rules from taking effect, a day after another judge issued a more limited ruling blocking their enforcement in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Both judges were appointed by Barack Obama.

The battle centers on religious liberty, and the extent to which the government can force churches and religious groups in business to provide contraceptives and abortifacients.


The news reports leave out the fact that the companies in question have to pay for abortifacients, not simply birth control. It’s lying by omission.

Several articles claimed Trump established the rule to appease social conservatives, but that’s flat out untrue. It was simply wrong for the State under Obama to assume powers so far in excess of the State’s authority and responsibility.

Basically, courts are deciding Obama’s rules must stay as if they were law, and Trump cannot overrule or, as in this case, widen them. Also, religious people must subjugate themselves to the state, even as it applies to abortifacients.

This isn’t about the drugs, it’s about depriving businesses of the First Amendment and establishing the supremacy of the State. They can be in business if they deny their beliefs, and commit what they believe is a sin.

Does a business have the right to run a business exercising their beliefs?




  1. I think it is time to consider impeachment of all obama appointments…..if appointed by a TRAITOR, shouldn’t they, too, be considerd obama “cohorts”?

  2. Thought you might want to check out A.P. Dillon’s Holder/Obama ‘Redistricting’ Group Gave Half a Million to the NC Democratic Party in 2018.

    We’;re catching it from all ends. I suspect that in between, Progressives in both Houses will be picking off Republicans one by one for something they said in the past or someone they talked to in the shopping mall who is alleged to be connected with Nazis or White Supremacists or some b.s.

    Right or wrong, now is not the time to go soft.

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