Trump’s Curious Tweet



The Trump tweet posted below is one I didn’t expect.

Trump is running as a Republican and is wooing Conservatives. This appears to put mainstream Republicans and Conservatives in the same category of ineffectiveness.

Trump is referring to Ted Cruz as ineffective no doubt but is Trump saying he’s not a Conservative?

On the other hand, many Republicans say they are Conservatives and aren’t, like Mitch McConnell for instance.

What do you think he means?



  1. DJT means conservatives in DC have no standing to define conservatism. They are all sell outs
    & can’t be trusted. DJT will keep his promises and get them accomplished. Conservatives lie to
    get elected then cave to donors and Obama.

  2. Most definitely Cruz is a neocon liberal posing as a conservative. As are all the repubs except Trump and Carson. This country hasn’t had a real conservative in the oval office since Coolidge.

  3. Cruz is the only real conservative running. I wasn’t opposed to Trump in the beginning, but he has lost me totally at this point. He has no substance. He is just exactly what we have already in office. His positions on healthcare and eminent domain gave me pause. Now his fowl mouth and guttural attitude have put the final nail in the coffin. If he is the republican candidate, I will write in my candidate of choice. God help this country! Have they let millions of kool aid drinkers come in through our open borders?

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