Trump’s Deal With Dems, A Warning Shot for Republicans


A Ryan-McConnell spending bill and debt ceiling increase has become a Trump-Schumer-Pelosi spending bill and debt ceiling increase.

First reports out Wednesday indicated that the President agreed to it. Within hours, it became clear that Trump negotiated the deal.

It was stunning – at first – until one remembers that the President has threatened to work with Democrats if Republicans can’t get anything done.

It must be noted that this ‘deal’ isn’t a budget, it’s a short-term spending bill until December 15 when it will be a Christmas emergency.

The politicians should just get rid of the debt ceiling since it’s a joke anyway. It’s a meaningless facade and it’s always increased.

One message people are getting from the ‘deal’ is no one needed Ryan or McConnell.

Trump shortened the months of watching Republicans fail that we would inevitably face. Republicans would have given in anyway and then tried to convince us their lousy deal was a big plus for Republicans. It’s like watching a Shakespearian drama unfold and knowing the ending. They’ve repeatedly announced they would not shut down the government, the one Ace they hold.

President Trump embarrassed both Republican leaders yesterday and made them appear somewhat irrelevant.  It sends the message that something like this – a lousy deal – can be done very quickly.

Unfortunately, it also shortens the legislative calendar to get things done. The likelihood of success diminished. It’s possible that nothing at this point will move Murkowski, Collins or McCain because of their personal animus towards the President.

Democrats won’t be able to attack him as much with this ‘deal’ but it gives Republicans a perfect opportunity to trash him.

The President has said he would work with Democrats if Republicans don’t start getting something done and he acted on that threat. Apparently it wasn’t an idle one. It’s a warning shot across their bow.

Some are concerned that this is Trump’s liberal-self showing. The funding for Harvey had already passed the House without ties to the debt ceiling and this bill looks like capitulation.

One must keep in mind that Trump is not ideologically-driven and he is a spender.

Ryan and McConnell have not been able to get anything done, but they do push more unpopular bills like amnesty for people who allegedly came here as youth. What will that mean for Republicans in 2018? They were handed a golden opportunity and it is being squandered with no major legislation being passed in nine months.

One thing seems clear, and that is the President has no stake in helping Republicans succeed and he will work with Democrats.

If Democrats take back congress, how will Trump lead? Most of the advisers still in the White House are Democrats or Democrats-at-heart.

It will probably leave Conservatives out in the cold and they make up most of his base. Trump has been begging Congress to get things done. McConnell could have done something about the three errant Republicans of the ‘skinny’ bill but he chose not to. He could end the filibuster rule, but he won’t.

The message now seems to be that Trump will work directly with Democrats if Republicans don’t move on the agenda. It’s hardball.

In the clip below, you can hear Lou Dobbs put his take on the transaction which now leaves the path open for dealing with issues of tax reform, infrastructure, healthcare. Dobbs sees Trump’s move as brilliant, showing up Ryan as hapless and irrelevant. Many won’t agree but we will have to wait and see.

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Ruth A.
Ruth A.
6 years ago

I don’t like what he did one bit. Time will tell. But here is one more disturbing fact, Trump grants amnesty for Harvey illegals:

6 years ago

I agree with Dobbs. This is not a liberal move towards democrats. The 3 month bill is more conservative than the Ryan/McConnell idea because it spends less and increases the debt less. Ryan was visibly shaken. RINOs face an uncertain future with a real battle set for December/January. And good luck to RINOs that push an amnesty bill. RINOs are now under pressure. The party must remove the 2 leaders if it wishes to correct itself. Party leadership fully deserved this.