Trump’s Deportation Proposal Isn’t Nazism, It’s A Senate Proposal Called ‘Touchback’


Donald Trump is being accused, along with the entire Republican Party, of being a NAZI who wants to round people up and send them back to their native countries in box cars when all he is doing is promoting a proposal seriously considered by the Senate in 2007.


Hillary Clinton equated Republicans with NAZIs Friday.

Presidential candidate Clinton, who is facing a possible indictment for violating the Espionage Act, thinks if you want borders and have concerns about illegal immigration then you are a NAZI putting people in box cars.

No candidate has proposed putting immigrants in box cars. Trump’s proposal is not a demand to round people up and send them home by force.

It was Hillary’s own husband in fact who sent armed federal agents into the home of relatives of Elian Gonzalez so they could grab him in the middle of the night and send him back to a Communist country.

Now Elian, pictured below, is a committed communist after his mother died trying to save him from it.

Elian Gonzalez

Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter to George W. Bush, in an appearance on The Kelly File Friday night, said that what Mr. Trump is saying when he talks about sending them back is an actual amnesty proposal called “Touchback” aka “Touchback Amnesty”.

It was a Senate proposal that narrowly missed passage in 2007.

It was endorsed by the New York Times but the National Review was opposed because they called it amnesty.

It simply means if illegal immigrants want to stay here, they can go back home and then receive expedited approval to come back in and stay.

Marc Thiessen explains in the next video and, as he said, Trump’s rhetoric is more fiery than what he’s actually proposing.

Lincoln Chafee, former RINO Republican and currently a Democratic candidate for president, stated what we all know. The Democrats want illegal immigration for votes. That is also the reason Hillary Clinton is calling Republicans Nazis. Do Americans really want to listen to this for the next 4-8 years and experience another near-decade of Clinton scandals?


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