Trump’s Diversity Head Says Bannon Was “Catalyst” for Voter Outreach to Blacks, Hispanics


Bruce LeVell is the executive director of President Trump’s diversity coalition and in an appearance on MSNBC Sunday, he credited Steve Bannon with being the “catalyst” for voter outreach to African-Americans and Hispanics.

LeVell said, “I can judge Steve Bannon because I know him. I see a lot of guests on various shows try to articulate him that don’t know him. I will tell you, during the campaign he was a catalyst in terms of helping the National Diversity Coalition, which is in D.C.——in terms of how we were able to engage our voter outreach in terms of our African-American vote and Hispanic vote, which you know as well as I do was historically high since Richard Nixon and climbing. ”

As an aside it is interesting to note that the interviewer said they give people a fair shot to explain their viewpoint on her show. She ten proceeded to spend the entire segment baiting Mr. LeVell to lodge insults against former chief strategist Bannon or President Trump. He didn’t bite.

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