Trump’s “Dumb Deal” Accepting Aussie Refugee Rejects Is Going Through


Australian refugee rejects are mostly men.

Donald Trump once called this a “dumb deal”, and it still is a dumb deal, but he’s making it under duress of some kind.

The U.S. is moving ahead with the Obama deal to take in illegals who are mostly or all Muslims. Australians will not accept them as “refugees” because they failed the Aussie vetting process.

Instead, the U.S., for starters, is going to take in 70 male refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar held in detention in Australia. They include Rohingya Muslims.

In exchange, Australia gets our incoming Central Americans whose values are more like ours.

Today Online writes, “In exchange, Australia has pledged to take Central American refugees from a center in Costa Rica, where the United States has taken in a larger number of people in recent years.”

The detainees in Australia are undergoing “extreme vetting”, you will be happy to know, of up to “six hours”.

Wow, a whole six hours. The interviewers asked them if they were tied to ISIS. That’ll work

“The men last month completed “extreme vetting” interviews that lasted up to six hours, with in-depth questions on associates, family, friends and any interactions with the Islamic State militant group,” Today Online wrote.

The practice of not telling us what U.S. town they will go to continues.

The Australians are being bailed out because of their “hardline immigration policy”. Why don’t we have a hardline immigration policy?

At first, Trump  rejected the deal and told the Australian P.M. that he was sending the next Boston bombers to America. The P.M. obviously wants to dump his rejects on the U.S.

Why isn’t the U.K. being forced to take them in?

The refugees have been starting trouble in the camps thanks to leftists influencing them. They already know how to protest Soros-style.

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