Trump’s Inaugural Ball Will Dazzle


This Inauguration Day will not be like any we have seen in recent times. It will be less about the elite and more about the common man. The Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball will dazzle because it will include those who serve our country at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.

A smiling Donald Trump looks at a police officer's cell phone while other officer's watch and smile.
A smiling Donald Trump looks at a police officer’s cell phone.

The Inauguration will not include the usual pomp and circumstance throughout the day and the actual inauguration will be less focused on the donor class and ritzy Washington insiders and more on the regular working class people across the country, according to Breitbart.

“The inauguration and inaugural is a representation of the president-elect and a representation of the vice president-elect,” Boris Epshteyn, the director of communications for the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC), told Breitbart News in an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the PIC’s offices in Washington, D.C., on Thursday

“What does that mean? It’s all about the people,” Epshteyn said. “It’s not about any one celebrity or any one entertainer or about any of those folks sipping champagne and cocktails somewhere in the Hamptons or in Beverly Hills. It’s about the American people. We’re so proud of the amount of support and outreach we’ve received from all over the country. This inaugural will represent the people. That’s one, and two it’s about getting to work right away.”

Balls will go from 10 to 3. Donald Trump will continue the official Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball, started by George Bush. In addition to members of the U.S. military, Trump will expand it to first responders like police, firefighters and EMTs—and will also invite veterans, military families and wounded warriors to attend.

Alex Stroman, the deputy director of communications for the PIC [Presidential Inaugural Committee], said “It’ll be a thank you for them for their service to our country.”

Unlike Hillary who said she will be the Champion of the people, Trump really will be. What a great way to change the tone of the administration and the mood of the country — harmony over hate, unity over division.

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