Trump’s Last Feminist Basher Barbara Res Has Some Possible Ulterior Motives



There is one woman left among the several misquoted in the New York Times article who is actually bashing Trump, painting him as a misogynist, and her name is Barbara Res. She is the woman who got her start as a construction engineer under Donald Trump. When asked, she said she doesn’t feels she owes him anything because she worked hard and did a good job.

She wants Trumpp stopped and thinks he’d set the country back thirty years. She is a woman of the left and describes herself on Twitter as supporting liberal causes. She is a huge Hillary supporter. That all speaks to motive. Her page sports a banner with a big photo of herself and Trump.

Her book on createspace is defined as having “a decidedly feminist tone and aspires to talk to women who endeavor to work in non-traditional roles…”


Ms. Res is all over the media and social media ripping into Trump and getting publicity for her book.

She hadn’t even seen him for decades and then when she did, he made it clear he didn’t like her book, which gives her added motivation to attack him now.

Res told The Daily Beast that the Trump who was ahead of his time in hiring women and had many gay friends and was generally progressive is no longer.

“He was always pro-choice,” Res says.

Trump has now become a pro-life conservative demagogue who played on our fears and told demonstrable lies even as he denounced his opponents as liars, she says.

“And the people love it,” Res says. “What’s wrong with these people?”

It seems Ms. Res’s motivations are more about her book and her politics than factual knowledge of his personal behavior with women. All she could really say about that is he told her she likes her candy and his wife controlled him in the past.

Her Twitter page is full of Trump, some Hillary, and her book. She’s self-promoting at the expense of Trump.

The following tweet from her new page is a home made video in which she explains that Trump was mean to her in 2014. She wants to sell her book on Trump’s name. Will this video  get you to read the book?


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