Trump’s Perfect Answer to Crazed Reporter’s Questions About NoKo


The media is corrupt and no longer reports, they attack and demean. Apparently, most of them have joined the Resistance. Yesterday was no different but, with a brilliant response, he put them in their place.

The media has dismissed the President’s comments about Kim Jong-un’s plans to destroy a nuclear site. This is taking place almost immediately after their summit. It appears to be a major concession.

It’s a key research facility.

“Chairman Kim has told me that North Korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site, that is not in your signed document, we agreed to that after the agreement was signed,” Trump said at a post-summit press conference, “That’s a big thing, the missiles that they were testing, the site is going to be destroyed very soon.”

The Daily Caller reports that this is a big deal .The site set for destruction is reportedly the Tongchang-ri site. It’s also known as the Sohae Satellite Launch Center.

Sohae is the “primary test and launch facility” for North Korea’s space program, home to the North’s “most sophisticated engine test stand,” and an important site for the development of liquid-fueled missiles,” 38 North researcher Joe Bermudez told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Closing the Tongchang-ri site would be “very significant.”

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