Trump’s Right Again! Why Mitch Was Never Going to Repeal Obamacare


The NY Times published an article a couple days ago about what they believe to be the nearly-calamitous souring of the relationship between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. The media is trying to paint it as Trump’s fault.

Well, Trump’s not God.

This is the right fight, one worth taking on. When Trump tweets that McConnell needs “to get back to work”, he’s reflecting the opinion of many Americans.

Wait until you hear what a radio host and former Republican National Committee official has to say about Boehner and McConnell’s plans for Obamacare.

The truth is Ryan and McConnell are not interested in fulfilling promises. The next shocking bit of news proves it.

Seattle radio host Todd Herman, subbing for Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, said on the show in the first hour that when he joined the RNC he received the word down from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner that Republicans were going to let Obamacare go without any resistance.

Republican candidates were told to do nothing and those who didn’t follow orders weren’t given RNC support when they ran their campaigns later on.

What Herman said makes a lot sense when you consider who Ryan’s and McConnell’s donors are. They include companies that like the idea of forcing all Americans to buy their product and then get additional funds from the taxpayers in the form of a bailout.

Currently, Congress is trying to set Trump up with yet another Obama spending bill, leaving out everything on Trump’s agenda, including the wall. In addition, McConnell will not relinquish the filibuster rule though the Democrats intend to do exactly that as soon as they are in power again.

Trump tweeted this morning. It’s a very reasonable tweet but the media is condemning him for it.

The tweet also comes a few hours after Trump tweeted this:

The hill headline read, Trump “blasts McConnell” and Vanity Fair is speculating it will “imperil his presidency.”

Do those tweets sound like a ‘blast’. The peril to the presidency is getting nothing done.

If ever there was a more appropriate fight for Trump to pick, we can’t think of one. McConnell’s poll numbers have tanked and it’s clear he’s losing because he’s ineffective.

There are 266 bills passed by the House that McConnell won’t bring forward in the Senate. He didn’t get Obamacare passed. He’s the problem.

When Senators Murkowski, Collins and McCain failed to vote for the “skinny bill”, why do you suppose McConnell didn’t take their committee chairmanships away, but, instead, criticized Trump?

McConnell constantly paints the President as inexperienced and in need of his tutelage. He actually blamed Trump’s “excessive expectations” for the Senate’s failure to pass anything.

Blaming Trump, hasn’t helped McConnell. According to a new PPP Kentucky poll, McConnell’s poll numbers have sunk to 9%, the depths of which only cockroaches have sunk in the past. Nationally, he has gone from 44% to 27%. Trump’s overall approval rating is holding at 40%.

Speaker Ryan comes out slightly better than McConnell with 16% of Trump voters supporting him and 15% of the same voter base viewing McConnell favorably. The media and pollsters blame Trump but Congress’s failures are the problem.

The left-wing pollsters asked the usual silly questions to measure the success of the poll and one was whether people would rather have Jefferson Davis or Barack Obama as President. A full 21% said Davis and another 23% weren’t sure. Jefferson Davis polled better than McConnell.

The poll is very questionable with those percentages and the fact that it comes out so slanted against Republicans, but, there is no question McConnell’s numbers are in the tank. Perhaps that is why he said mostly positive things about President Trump Thursday.

Trump’s approval among Republicans has gone up to about 81% from 76%. While he is being harshly criticized for fighting with his own, there is hardly a better fight to pick.  This is THE fight and Trump’s instincts are great as usual.

In a statement Wednesday, McConnell said “the President and I, and our teams, have been and continue to be in regular contact about our shared goals.”

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