President Trump’s Second Option If the Healthcare Bill Fails Might Be Best


President Trump has two plans for the healthcare mess left behind by Barack Obama. The first is to push the bill promoted by Paul Ryan.

After having accepted the RINOcare plan that is being pilloried by right and left, the Republicans in the House moved ahead with it Thursday morning. Paul Ryan explained to Sean Hannity last night that it is only part one of a three part effort to avoid a filibuster. Some of the best features promised Americans come later. Unfortunately, they will be subject to filibuster and the Republicans in the Senate seem reluctant to use the nuclear option.

A White House official quoted the President as saying “this is the vehicle — this is the chance to repeal and replace,” referring to the Ryan plan.

The Medicaid fix is one sticking point with conservatives in both the House and Senate since it doesn’t come in until 2020. Mr. Mulvaney, the OMB chief and a former Freedom Caucus member, has agreed to move the fix to January 2018 to lure the conservatives into agreement. Whether that will work is hard to say.

Trump has been reportedly confident health care will pass the House but for the Senate he plans “football stadium rallies” in red states to prod vulnerable Dems, Jim Acosta reported.

The President can forget moving Democrats other than Senator Manchin of West Virginia. That’s a pipe dream at this point.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, a harsh Trump critic and branded a ‘fake news’ reporter by Trump, said the President has another plan. Conservatives might prefer it to RINOcare.

If RINOcare, a product of the swamp creatures, does pass, all of its failings, and there are many, will be blamed on the Republicans.

A failure of Obamacare on the other hand, opens new doorways to healthcare reconstruction.

Democrats will try to blame Republicans for not ‘fixing’ the unfixable when Obamacare crashes and burns, but they will be to blame just the same.

Two days ago, Donald Trump expressed his belief that Rand Paul will come along.

That won’t happen. Rand Paul thinks Paul Ryan is deceiving the President over the plan he has put forward.

“I don’t think it makes any sense and I think he’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the president,” Paul said in an interview with Breitbart News.

“I think when I’ve spoken with president Trump, I think he agrees with me that we should repeal and replace but I don’t think he’s stuck on that they have to be in the same bill necessarily. Paul Ryan, I think, is selling it to the White House and telling the White House, ‘Oh, it’s a piece of cake, it’s a done deal,’” he added.

It’s not only Paul who objects to the bill, it’s a number of conservatives and the bill can’t pass without almost all Republicans in the Senate.

Paul Ryan said letting the monstrosity collapse would end in catastrophe.

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