Trump’s Speech to Boy Scouts Compared to Hitler Rallying the Brown Shirts


Trump gave a speech today in West Virginia to thousands of Boy Scouts attending the Boy Scouts of America 2017 National Scout Jamboree. It has been the tradition. He was roundly cheered throughout the event but you won’t hear that in the MSM.

Trump gave a very political speech and that was probably unwise. Still, how do you compare the Boy Scouts to Brown Shirts? That is what hundreds on social media did.

Obama never even recognized the Boy Scouts, even after they accepted transgenders and gays. He had something against them.

The Boy Scouts released a statement saying the group is non-partisan and the invitation was not an endorsement.

“We could use some more loyalty,” Trump told the Boy Scouts, obliquely referencing AG Sessions. He talked about crowd sizes, fake news, Hillary Clinton and other political issues. He also encouraged the scouts to find what they are passionate about in life.

Critics of President Trump’s compared his speech to the Boy Scouts to Hitler rallying the Nazi youth, the Brown Shirts.

Get a grip guys.

Trump talked about the “cesspool” of politics, drawing whoops and cheers, but some parents were angry and the MSM made sure to make that the headline.

The MSM never mentioned the cheering, just how he politicized it and hurt the Boy Scouts.

And they wonder why we don’t take the left seriously. A little balance would be nice.


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