Trump’s Tax Plan Eliminates the Lucrative Tax Credits to Illegal Aliens


The Republican tax plan puts an end to three of the most lucrative tax credits presently awarded to illegal aliens, people who shouldn’t be working in the United States. It will no longer treat people here illegally as citizens when it comes to tax credits.

The Democrats and globalist RINOs in the Senate will go wild.

It will save the American taxpayer — get this — $23.1 billion over the next ten years for that alone. The IRS is allowing them to collect tax credits, a form of welfare, through the child tax credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The tax credits are given out even if the applicant didn’t earn enough to be taxed.

The House has passed bills to get this done a number of times but the Senate kills them.

Taxpayers who want to claim these credits will have to submit legal social security numbers.

Open borders advocates will also be up in arms. They like to say that anchor babies are actually receiving the money. Their point is irrelevant because the illegal parent is the one collecting, not the baby or child.

The Inspector General has repeatedly recommended that the IRS discontinue the practice of making those payments but the leftists in the agency refuse. They don’t care if the applicants are breaking the law to collect. That consideration does not hold for legal taxpayers.


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