Trump’s Upcoming Budget Will Save $1.7 Trillion in Entitlements


Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is leaving Saudi Arabia to come back to D.C. and roll out the blueprint for the Trump budget Tuesday. OMB Director Mike Mulvaney will assist. Trump will continue his nine-day journey.

At the same time, James Comey is preparing to testify on Wednesday. The media is reporting that he will reveal more embarrassing comments made by Trump and suggest Trump was trying to influence him on the Russia probe.

Jonathan Swan of Axios has the scoop on President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal to include the following significant cuts to entitlements. Axios added it was courtesy Koch Industries. Axios must love the whole entitlement state thing we have going on.

  1. Social Security and Medicare will not be reformed
  2. $1.7 trillion will be saved on mandates over the next ten years
  3. The budget will balance in ten years with cuts on mandatory and discretionary sides. It depends on 3% GDP within the next few years.
  4. Entitlement cuts will include food stamps (SNAP), Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP), and Disability (SSDI). This is dependent on him signing the American Health Care Act into law. Medicaid will be cut $800 billion over ten years. The $800 billion is coming out of the federal oversight – it has been ineffective.
  5. There will be an emphasis on work requirements for able-bodied people to save money on social welfare programs.

There are also significant cuts to government agencies.

This is a budget for conservatives. Liberal Republicans will rebel.

Axios added that Trump only very reluctantly signed the last trillion dollar plus spending bill. Allegedly, Priebus reached out to former Speaker Boehner to convince Trump and it worked. Boehner emphasized the problem of shutting the government down at this time.


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