Trumpy Bear Is Freaking Out the Left


The cute little Trumpy Bear you see  on TV bears a close resemblance to President Trump. It’s apparently driving the left nuts.

The makers are getting death threats.

“[W]e’ve actually had death threats and what were deemed to be terroristic threats and desires to have the president assassinated, which we duly forwarded on to the authorities, and they took care of it,” the maker maker in a statement to Yahoo News.

“I’m shocked that people take time out to spew hate from their busy days. Because it’s a teddy bear. It’s a stuffed toy. It’s almost like I’m knifing their mother personally. It’s really weird.”

The bear marked its first birthday on June 14, 2018 — Flag Day — on Facebook. Trumpy Bear comes complete with its own flag-print blanket tucked inside.

Elliott Brackett, vice president of Dallas-based Exceptional Products, the company behind the bear, told Yahoo Entertainment that both supporters and detractors have bought the bear.

While the purchase of the bear includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, the ad notes that there are exceptions. “Sorry, we cannot accept returns of intentionally damaged bears,” it says in the fine print.

People return mutilated Trumpy bears.

Bracket said, “We’ve had some people … look like they decapitate it and send it back for a refund.” Those requests aren’t honored.

Brackett said it’s not about politics.“It was truly and totally a marketing thing. If I could have made a Bernie bear simultaneously during the election, I would’ve made it. A Hillary bear, I would have made it,” he said. “But the simple fact is, it takes a long time to make them. They’re big, they’re bulky, and we didn’t have the ability to market a full suite of politically — I guess you could say, offend everybody — bears. We don’t ask [about] our inventors’ politics, and they don’t ask ours. They just want us to market products.”<

The left can’t believe there is such a thing and when they do realize it’s for real, they react. Actually, their responses are a bit funny, I hate to admit. Trump himself joked about it, saying it will be the next Chucky doll.

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