Lying Democrat, Lying MSM on the Border Crisis


Democrats have a solution for the manufactured border crisis of child separation — open borders and a clean DACA bill. The entire crisis is a lie. The media is lying!

NBC News still has a faked Time cover up on its website. The cover shows a dominant Trump looking down on a crying little immigrant girl with the suggestion that she was separated from her mother. She was not separated from her mother who dragged her through the desert with a cartel coyote to get a job. Her husband is a Captain of a boat and does well. She abandoned her children but will call herself a “political refugee”.

NBC News is reporting nothing but fake news, claiming the President has caused a crisis at the border. There is a crisis but it is because 50,000 illegal aliens are caught coming through each month and that doesn’t count all the illegals not caught. Tens of thousands of children as young as 4 years of age are being sent alone with cartels by their abusive parents.

The only way to stop it is to stop allowing these children to come in. Many illegals are now coming with children so they can remain in the United States. Of the 12,000 detained “children”, many are not children, 2,300 were separated from parents. It is a practice Obama followed. DoJ Chief Jeff Sessions is looking into matching the ‘children’ to ‘parents’ with DNA.

NBC News claims foster parents say, “These children just are in shock. They don’t know what’s happening.” Of course, they are in shock! Their parents sent them alone or dragged them through the desert with criminals on a dangerous, arduous journey. Border Patrol says many have been raped.

This is obviously okay with Democrats and the media is lying to Americans.


Talking about lying, Democrat Representative John Garamendi of California lied through his teeth today. He and twenty-four other Democrats were at a detention facility for a photo-op. It’s a typical deceitful stunt.

The President reversed course on separation of children from parents who are arrested and he is uniting any parents and children who were separated. Unsurprisingly, it did not stop the phony Alinskyites of the Democrat Socialist Party who will do anything to win in November and in 2020.

John Garamendi called for nothing less than open borders. He and his allies are lying to Americans. He said he wants a clean DACA bill without border security first. He wants to keep the refugees pouring in with phony excuses, such as women claiming their husbands beat them. We now have more asylum requests than Germany according to the U.N.

The leftists are overwhelming our system and the corrupt media is helping them.

Democrats want the port open so illegals can pour in freely. They are so overwhelmed now that they must be turned away. Yet, NBC News is reporting that they are illegally being sent away.

These “refugees” are mostly opportunists. They include child abusers, criminals working with cartels, people who lie – forge or steal identities – and will do anything to enter the US.


The NY Times made fools of themselves calling these people children.


Voting DREAMers Give U.S. a Permanent Progressive Majority

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5 years ago

And they’re still wrapped in “Obola tin foil”. They look like human burritos!