Truth About Trump’s Personal Assistant, Fired Thursday


More information has come out about President Trump’s fired secretary, Madeleine Westerhout, The Hill reported. It’s not clear that she is fired [possibly resigned]. The President hedged on that to reporters earlier today.

It seems she had a few drinks at a dinner with reporters and after Hogan Gidley left, she made comments about Trump’s family. Gidley was also at the same dinner and these types of meetings are apparently common.

The Daily Mail is reporting that she said the President doesn’t like to be photographed with his youngest daughter Tiffany because she is overweight.

Trump only said she made comments about his daughters.

Sources told CBS News she was drinking and disclosed details about the president’s family. She also reportedly gossiped about broadcasters seeking access to the president.

“I think she said some things. She called me. She was very upset. She was very down,” Trump told reporters before taking off for Camp David.

Trump would not say definitively whether or not he fired Westerhout.

“She called and I wished her well,” he added.

We don’t know how the President found out.

Trump commented after Politico posted a report about him not wanting to be photographed with his daughter Tiffany but Trump said that is “absolutely false.”

“She’s going to be calling me when we get to Camp David … It’s absolutely false. She’s a wonderful person and she studies hard,” he said of his youngest daughter.

Trump on Friday chastised the media, claiming they leaked the details of the off the record conversation and calling them “dishonest.”

The story isn’t as bad as originally made out. It wasn’t a covert meeting and this was a case of a young woman having too much to drink.

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