TSA Removes the “Cognitive Burden” for Its Employees, Let the Fondling Begin


Catholic nun being frisked by a security agent

TSA has ordered more universal “comprehensive” searches of passengers and they’ve warned law enforcement to expect complaints.

Where and how they will touch air travelers is yet unknown.

The “abnormal” frisking some passengers may report is actually to be seen as “comprehensive” in an effort to replace five separate types of pat-downs and screening procedures.

It they feel the need to alert police, what are they planning to do?

The TSA website says employees “use the back of the hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body. In limited cases, additional screening involving a sensitive area pat-down with the front of the hand may be needed to determine that a threat does not exist.”

They will use the front of their hand if one of the prior screening methods indicates the presence of explosives.

This is somewhat alarming to me because I was stopped in a Connecticut airport for possibly carrying explosives based on a glove turning a certain color. I don’t even carry mouthwash when I travel.

The change prompted them to alert police because they know there are going to be complaints.

The TSA screens about 2 million people daily at U.S. airports. The agency said it doesn’t track how many passengers are subject to pat-down searches. These searches typically occur when an imaging scanner detects one or more unknown objects on a person or if a traveler declines to walk through the machine and opts for the physical screening.

TSA agents have been very unsuccessful in finding weapons and potential explosives during their searches. In 2015, TSA agents failed the screening tests 95% of the time. In 2016, TSA agents failed 9 of 12 tests according to Homeland Security. So now the TSA officials are helping ease the “cognitive burden” put on TSA agents.

The pat-down change, first reported Friday by Bloomberg News, is “intended to reduce the cognitive burden on [employees] who previously had to choose from various pat-down procedures depending on the type of screening lane,” the ACI-NA wrote in its notice.

We wouldn’t want their brains to be overburdened just because we don’t want our private parts fondled.

They will not reveal their specific procedures. We’ll have to find out the hard way.

The TSA told police so they would have “situational awareness”.

Police said they appreciate the warning from their “partners” at the TSA.

h/t Brian Hayes

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