TSA Searches Valet Parked Cars Without Warning



Photo of vehicle inspection sticker

Laurie Iacuzza walked to her car in valet parking after returning from a flight at Greater Rochester Airport to find a sign on her car informing her AFTER THE FACT that her car had been searched.

She said, “I was furious. They never mentioned it to me when I booked the valet or when I picked up the car or when I dropped it off.”

She contacted News 10 who contacted security at the airport. A security official said the car was searched because she valet parked her car. They only search those cars, no other cars.

John McCaffrey of the TSA said the cars in the valet parking can be parked short-term  “so there is a vulnerability,” which is why they search only those cars.

There is a big sign in the valet parking alerting customers that their cars will be searched but Ms. Iacuzza said it was not there when she parked. When the reporter asked valets when the sign was put up, they wouldn’t answer the question. Ooops! It’s not a difficult question!

She said she doesn’t mind the security measure if they at least inform beforehand.

The valets said they have been ordered to search the cars and have been doing it for about a month.

This reminds me of the police scanners. They are only supposed to scan license plates but one man who asked to see the photos taken of his car found one that had a photo of him and his daughter getting out of his car in his driveway.

The NSA data collection programs and the drones overhead are also concerning. There are always people in the government who will take liberties and go too far. These types of “security surveillance” need more oversight and transparency.


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