Tucker Addresses the Increasingly Dangerous Democratic Party


Tucker Carlson was deeply concerned about comments President Trump made this past week during a televised bipartisan meeting on gun control, suggesting he would abandon due process. Trump’ supporters aren’t taking that too seriously.

As campaign columnist Salena Zito wrote, “…the press takes him literally but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

Tucker made it clear Friday night, however, that the real threat is coming from the increasingly dangerous Democratic Party.

Tucker said Trump’s supporters are aware of his shortcomings but it’s worth it. The alternative to President Trump is “scary”, he said. The Democrat Party is the increasingly “irresponsible” and “anti-American”. The Democrat Party prefers foreigners and that’s a fact, he noted.

The Australian Buyback
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You can listen to Tucker’s statements about his concerns on this link. It’s harsh but Tucker did qualify his statements on Friday. He said he didn’t mean to give the impression that the administration is NOT the main threat to our rights. “It’s not even close,” he said.

Last night, in way of explanation, Tucker explained what an Australian buyback really means. Obama, Hillary, and most of the Democrats have been, and are once again, promoting the buyback.

During the buyback, innocent Australians were required to give up their guns and, if they did not cooperate, they were threatened with prison and gang rapes.

That’s not an exaggeration.

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If Democrats Take Over Congress

Look at where the Democrats want to go with their latest anti-gun bill below. It’s not simply about banning so-called assault weapons. For those who don’t know, a semi-automatic anything is not a weapon of war or an assault weapon. No one in the military would think they are. The military uses automatic or burst-fire weapons.

If Democrats take Congress, their gun bill could pass. It isn’t a simple assault weapons ban – read it. They want to ban guns, period.

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