Tucker Carlson Offers “Transgressive: Cult of Confusion” Specials


Tucker Carlson Offers “Transgressive: Cult of Confusion” Specials

By Mark Schwendau

FOX Nation is offering a new special two-part series on their streaming service titled “Transgressive.” The first episode is titled “Transgressive: Cult of Confusion – Part 1”. It examines the transgender movement in America and exposes the dangers and threats to our children. The show features people who have medically transitioned from one gender to another and later came to regret it. Carlson says he has been told to “Shut up,” when he investigated and exposed the dark side of transitioning from one gender to another.

“Tucker Carlson Special ‘Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion’” | Preview

This show can be seen in a free trial from FOX Nation as well as some alternative streaming services online. Each segment is about a half hour long.

Carlson hears from so-called “detransitioners” in FOX Nation’s two-part ‘Tucker Carlson Originals: Transgressive’ series. In his series, Carlson examines transgender activists targeting America’s children. In part one of his two-part episode, he interviews the detransitioners speaking out against the transgender movement’s most powerful centers of indoctrination of young children.

The blowback from the LGBTQ+ community has been immediate as they get triggered from interviewee comments such as, “I lived as a female for eight years until I got my sanity back.”

Carlson and his documentary team dive deep into the psychology and science of transgender people to understand them better. The show highlights the attainable penalties of gender affirmation surgical procedures in interviews with detransitioners speaking out against radical transgender activists.

Everything is on the table for discussion, from hormone blockers to irreversible surgical procedures and sociopolitical pressures. “Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion” follows the tales of several former transgender women and men attempting to coach our youth with additional professional observations from medical doctors and scientists.

“There were a lot of messages that said, ‘if you feel bad about your body, that means your trans,’” Helena Kerschner advised the Fox Nation crew. Kerschner, an organic lady who lived as a trans man for a short while. She discusses how she was heavily influenced in her decision-making by social media.

“I was just going through this period of like, ‘I don’t like how I’m treated as a cis person; I don’t want to be cis because cis means you’re uncool and you’re privileged, and you’re an oppressor, and you’re bad, and I don’t want to be that.  In that way, I was really incentivized to try to figure out a way to try and make my voice heard in these communities. Obviously, I can’t change my race, I can’t really change my sexuality, so the only thing left was to play around with the gender stuff.”

Kathy Grace Duncan, an organic lady who lived as a trans man for years, also shares her experiences in the special. She explains that when she’d witnessed her father being abusive of her mom as a younger girl, it profoundly influenced how she saw gender.

“The messages that gave me was that women are weak, women are hated, and women are vulnerable,” explaining that these scenes prompted her choice.

Duncan admitted being sexually abused by a member of her family at a young age and attributed this traumatic event as having “played into it all.”

Another interviewee is Walt Heyer, an organic man who lived as a trans lady. He told the Fox Nation crew that he now channels his expertise in serving others. He’s the writer of the e-book “Trans Life Survivors”. He also runs an internet site referred to as Intercourse Change Remorse. Heyer revealed that his analysis discovered that over 60% of the group he works with was sexually abused in their youth.

Host Carlson noted famous researcher Lisa Littman’s pointed to this same conclusion. Almost two-thirds of trans youth and younger adults identified with at least one psychological well-being dysfunction before their onset of gender dysphoria.

“Nearly half of these young people had experienced a traumatic or stressful event just prior to the onset of gender dysphoria,” Carlson mentions.

Carlson and crew also sought medical professionals for their take on this situation.

Dr. J. Michael Bailey, who was interviewed for this special, says there are no less than three sorts of gender dysphoria detailed inside the scientific group; little one onset gender dysphoria, autogynephilia, and speedy onset gender dysphoria.

Little one onset gender dysphoria is what happens when kids of a younger age want to transition to the opposite gender. Dr. Bailey says these kids are the group most certainly inclined to ultimately want to reverse, or develop out of, such a perception.

Autogynephilia solely pertains to organic males. These people have a robust urge to appear as ladies, and their will is usually sexually motivated. Those experiencing this type of gender dysphoria sometimes start by carrying ladies’ garments. That can then later evolve to fantasizing about having feminine physique elements. This can serve as a motivator for surgical procedures down the road, in line with Dr. Bailey.

Speedy onset gender dysphoria pertains to organic females. For reasons unknown, it is decided by a sudden acknowledgment these girls might be boys with little to no prior warning signs. Some believe repressed memories of early childhood sexual abuse by an adult family member may play a role in this. Again, this can evolve into surgical procedures down the road.


Tucker Carlson is to be commended for attempting to bring this subject to light.  For families who have been shunned by a transitioned individual, as well as those individuals who have been shunned by their families, this is a deeply painful topic. In our family, we have an individual who left us years ago to transition from woman to man. She (or he now) has cut her/himself off from the family without reason or cause.  Family members “loaned” her thousands of dollars for rent, a phone plan, and transportation with the promise of getting paid back. We never got a dime. We never counted on her paying us back, but we also never counted on her shunning us.

We are not angry or mad about this but being raised as Christians, as she was too, we have often said at the holidays without her, “You can be a LGBTQ+ type person and still be a basically good person, and our family member isn’t even a good person, much less a woman anymore.”

We are not sure what role others have played in alienating this family member from us behind our backs, and while it may not be Christian, we hope they pay a hefty price in the end. Sometimes you just know when somebody is trying to drive a wedge between you and a family member.

The pain and hurt, particularly during the holidays, are beyond words.

I know if our doorbell ever rings and she or he is standing there having come to see us again, I will cry tears of joy without being able to help myself.


Copyright © 2022 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He classifies himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  Mark is an award-winning educator who has published seven books and numerous peer-reviewed trade journal articles, some of which can be found on the Internet.  His father was a fireman/paramedic, while his mother was a registered nurse.  He holds multiple degrees in technology education, industrial management, OSHA Safety, and Driver’s Education.  His personal website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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16 days ago

Pretty much the Whole Alphabet Soup Cult is just one giant Mental Disorder! I grew up in New Orleans and over the last 50 years, I grew up with a lot of gay people. For the most part, none of them are really happy today. It may be a “cool” rebel lifestyle when you’re young, but then reality sets in!