Tucker Carlson: Comey’s Firing Was Long Overdue


Tucker Carlson explained why Comey’s firing was long overdue and all of Washington knows it. In this clip he explains why he needed to go.

The Democrats are so hypocritical and so desperate that they are doing a 180 on what they have said in the past about FBI Director James Comey.

They can’t have it both ways but they will try.

AOL is calling it the “Comey Crisis” and quoting “experts” saying the “constitutional crisis” is not far off. They are comparing it to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” which is absurd since Comey needed to be fired. Except for Fox, and often including Fox News, the entire media only wants to destroy Donald Trump.

Whenever you feel compelled to believe the media and the Democrats, remember this is a war on the traditional American, on our liberty, and on our Constitution.

Donald Trump has responded on Twitter. It’s the only way he can his arguments out. Jake Tapper is mocking his tweets but what’s inaccurate in them?

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