Tucker explains why nothing is happening to stop Big Tech censorship


When book burning was a Nazi thing

Tucker Carlson exposed a form of corruption people probably don’t know exists and it might shock and disappoint you since it concerns conservative organizations. When you read this, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean the conservative organizations don’t have excellent information and many good people working for them, but you need to know they don’t represent the interests of the political right with Big Tech.

Tucker mentions the National Review Institute, Americans for Prosperity, American Conservative Union, Competitive Enterprise, Mercator, and The Heritage Foundation, and others, as taking donations from Big Tech and then turning around and advocating for them against the interests of others on the political right.

Conservatives Are Censored

Most Republicans know that Google, Facebook, and Twitter censor conservatives. Google YouTube is heavily censoring them and doing the bidding of the left.

As an example of censorship and downright corruption, Tucker reminds us that in 2016, Google employees worked behind the scenes to boost Hillary Clinton’s voter turnout. They seemed despondent when they couldn’t stop Donald Trump from winning.

Far-left Twitter bans users for disagreeing with them on issues and Facebook limits conservatives’ reach or prevents them from getting ‘likes.’

Why Is Nothing Happening to Stop This?

Tucker answers the question of why nothing is done about it since there are options.

Senator Josh Hawley has proposed stripping the exemption that the news companies have, protecting them from lawsuits. This would be justified since they aren’t sticking to their bargain to remain neutral.

No one is taking up that option.

Another possibility is to break up the major tech companies so a few monopolies “don’t have effective veto power over the First Amendment which is where we are today.”

That isn’t happening either.

Tucker says the reason is “that conservative nonprofits in D.C. who are supposed to be looking out for you, aren’t looking out for you. They are looking out for Big Tech.”

Conservatives Shield the Left-Wing Monopolies

He got his information from the non-partisan Campaign for Accountability which, in a recent report, shows collusion between conservative organizations in D.C. and the deep-pocketed Big Tech “to shield left-wing monopolies from any oversight at all.”

Tucker called it an “amazing story and it’s happening now.”

He gives examples of corruption at Americans for Prosperity, Mercator, the National Review Institute, the American Conservative Union, the American Enterprise Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and, shockingly, the Heritage Foundation.

The richest companies in the world are defended by conservative nonprofits “as they attack conservatives.” Why?

Big Tech donates to them and, in return, conservative organizations pay them back. That’s why.


The best example Tucker gave was heritage which he said might be the biggest and best-funded think tank in Washington. Half the conservatives in the city have seemed to work there at one time or another, 30 years ago I did, for example.

To this day there are nice and well-meaning people at Heritage.

As an organization, Heritage no longer represents the interests of conservatives. At least on the question of tech.

A Recent Paper

“A recent paper by Heritage entitled, “Free enterprise is the best remedy for online biased concerns,” defends the special privileges that Congress has given to left-wing Silicon Valley monopolies. And if conservatives don’t like it, Heritage says, they can go start their own Google.”

“The paper could’ve been written by tech lobbyists. In fact, it may have been written by tech lobbyists,” Tucker said. “A trade association that represents Silicon Valley called the liability exemption that Google enjoys, quote, ‘the most important law in tech’.”

“Well, the Heritage paper repeats that line verbatim, word for word, along with many other lines that the lobbyist wrote. It’s embarrassing,” Tucker continued in frustration.

“But Heritage isn’t embarrassed. None of the so-called conservative nonprofits in Washington are embarrassed.”

Lucrative Deals With People Who Hate You

“They make deals with people who hate you. They secretly sell out your interests.” Then, with a metaphor that captures the perfidy of it, he said, “they may beg you to tithe like it’s the medieval church for that’s the system we’ve had for decades. And maybe that’s why no matter how much money you send in, nothing gets more conservative. Just the opposite. You wonder how much longer the system can continue,” Tucker said with some amount of resignation.


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