Tucker obliterates Walmart as it destroys towns, limits our 2nd Amendment


Tucker Carlson spent a powerful five minutes explaining Walmart’s willful destruction of U.S. rural towns, pushing smaller competitors out of business, flooding the market with cheap Chinese goods made by slave labor, and paying the locals unimpressive wages. They destroy local businesses who don’t exploit slave labor.

Now Walmart realizes they can quell the voices of the left by virtue signaling and limiting Americans’ gun rights and their ability to defend themselves.

Along with Walmart, Kroger’s has decided to tell their customers to stop exercising their right to open carry in the states in which it applies.

The segment on ‘Tucker’ last night featured Professor Victor Davis Hanson. About the issue, he said if we can’t actualize our free speech rights and our right to bear arms, we really don’t have full use of our First and Second Amendments.

Walmart, he believes, has ventured into cosmic reality, not actual, and they made a business decision. Walmart believes the loss in rural business will be offset by the left in urban and suburban areas now that they are politically correct.

They ignore the immorality of China throwing people into re-education camps and stealing intellectual property.

Another issue they don’t care about is who are really in danger and why. The overwhelming majority of people killed by guns are inner city youth and it is with illegal handguns. They don’t take on that issue because it would start a firestorm.

Instead, they will limit our Second Amendment because it pays.

And as Ben Shapiro says…

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