Tucker Says Republicans Want to Commit Suicide, Cave on Immigration


There is a lot of talk on Capitol Hill about Republicans caving on immigration and handing over DACA for nothing in return as if it were the most important issue in the country. Tucker calls it “suicide”.

There are the usual Republicans pushing amnesty like Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and a number of others. Republicans are in a difficult spot but caving isn’t the answer.

“A number of Republican senators are prepared to cave completely to Democrats on this question agreeing to amnesty with no serious concessions in return,” Tucker Carlson said on his show Friday night.

Some are willing to give in to DACA in exchange for almost nothing.

“One proposal would simply delay chain migration rather than ending it while expanding the scope of the amnesty for DACA recipients and reallocating the diversity lottery visas to a different class of unskilled immigrants. Not only would a deal like that hurt the country, voters have said very clearly, again and again, they don’t want it. And this is a democracy after all or at least it was,” Carlson asserted.

Polls show the voters don’t want it and if Republicans cave on the one thing that was the biggest agenda item Trump had, they’re through.

“You have to listen to what voters want if you are a lawmaker. If you see that kind of deal come out of Congress, and you may, the Republican Party is done, it’s over, it’s toast. it will be a short epitaph too, suicide.”

It was and is the number one issue for so many reasons.

Democrats are actually demanding immediate citizenship for the 1.9 million plus DACA who will bring in a minimum of seven more foreigners. Most will be Democrats. This is what turned California from red to socialist.

Bernie Sanders is his usual clueless self.

Whether Trump caves or not is the question. He says “we all want DACA to happen”. We do?

Michelle Malkin speaks for me. How about you?

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