Tucker Takes It On! Soros’s Radical Islamist Babe Linda Sarsour Is a Democrat Party Icon


Extremist Linda Sarsour is a terorist-apologist, sharia-loving radical. Sarsour has even defended FGM. She has called for jihad against Trump and fights against assimilation.

She is outside the mainstream of mainstream Muslims and is hoping to suck them into her bizarre radical mantra. Tucker took on the issue of her being a Democratic Party icon Friday.

Tucker Carlson spoke with Heat St. and NY Post writer Joe Simonson about her. He asked Simonson if it’s fair to call her an extremist.

Simonson said, “…Absolutely. Linda Sarsour makes Muslims in the Middle East look moderate. She is an extremist in the fact that she believes in sharia law. She recently used the word jihad to explain her personal inner war with the president. She is absolutely an extremist. She has taken a leadership position in the so-called leftist resistance to President Trump. And she certainly is outside the mainstream of American ideals and I would even say the average American Muslim ideals.”

The conversation covered her radical opinions

Tucker asked if there was any pushback by Democrats. Both concluded there isn’t.

Simonson said, “I think everyone that would criticize Linda Sarsour has been driven out of the Democratic Party. Democrats have a hard time losing elections. What I don’t understand and you mentioned earlier, there are millions of Muslim Americans in this country that are good people, Tucker. People who have assimilated. People who go to school and have normal jobs, who don’t preach sharia law. And I don’t understand why Democrats don’t talk to one of these people to kind of talk about Islam.”

You will be unhappy to know that this terrorist is funded with U.S. tax dollars to the tune of tens of millions.

She’s also, at least indirectly, funded by the very evil George Soros.

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